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Footpath 19 is a public right of way which runs between Totnes Road (opposite entrance to Wildwoods Farm) and the top of Beacon Hill (adjacent entrance gates to the reservoir). The path is approximately 330M long. The path can be identified by a signpost, a flight of steps and a wooden stile at the Totnes Road end and by a ladder stile at the top of the hill beyond which it continues as a Torbay footpath. The path is otherwise undefined but follows a near-enough straight up-and-down route between the two stiles with way marks at either end to assist with direction. The field is normally rough grass but, on occasions can be cropped or have livestock in it and it has recently been fenced and sub-divided into paddock areas for horses, with crossing stiles situated at the fence points. There are panoramic views of Torbay from the top of Beacon Hill, which is the highest point in our Parish (196m / 643ft).