Marldon Photos From Marldon Locals

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This photo was sent to us by Albert George Davies formerly of Marldon, now a resident of Australia.
It was taken around 1949/50 and was a Chapel Sunday School Outing. He is hoping someone may be able to identify others in the group.
He says:” Just to explain, Granny Davies is my Mum, Granny Everett is my Gran. I’m George. Miss Parson was the Sunday School Teacher and her and Mr Curtis organised the Services at the chapel. I have numbered the ones I can remember. There are several others that look familiar but I just can’t remember who they are. My first name is Albert but most people have always called me George, saved confusion as my Dad was Albert also. Paul is my cousin down from Wales, surname Thomas. We lived next door to the Axfords lovely people, Jordains were on the other side of us and Mrs Moysey lived up the hill.”



Parish Dinner at Oldway Mansion - 1980
l-r: Ernie & Jean Rickard, Pop & Jack Christie, Josie Staddon, Pat & Win Staddon. Norman & Sylv Mortimer