Press Cuttings

cropped-narrowblueban2.gifList of  Press Cuttings in the Database of Marldon Local History Group
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This page contains descriptions of the first index of Press Cuttings collected by the group up to 2016. The Press Cuttings are held by the group and the full text or associated photograph may be seen on request. The cuttings are mainly from Local Newspapers, with some references from the National Press. Later years will be added as soon as possible.

South Devon Journal: A separate index of references to Marldon in the South Devon Journal (1949 – 1974) can be viewed by clicking here

Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting Wartime 1 Wartime at Berry Pomeroy Church remembered
Press Cutting Public Houses 4 inc Photo of Old Smokey House and reference to Home Guard
Press Cutting 1910 People 38 Marldon’s lady “postman” Mrs. Youlden
Press Cutting 1912 Church 1 Rev Trevaldwyn Induction and retirement
Press Cutting 1919 School 10 Presentation to Mr. J.R. Gray on 42 years as Headmaster and teacher (also choirmaster and organist at the Church)
Press Cutting 1919 People 2 Funeral of Lt-Com F.C. Hill
Press Cutting 1945 Wartime 5 Copy of Press Cuttings from local newspapers relating to Marldon
Press Cutting 1950 Village/Parish 6 from Paignton News about Footpath Survey and copy of Survey
Press Cutting 1950 Apple Pie Fair 49 Marldon Village Day “Rose of Marldon” Pamela Hele Phyllis Masters Eileen Wills
Press Cutting 1952 People 1 Unofficial” Marldon barber Henry John Seaward


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