Footpaths In Marldon

Footpath – FP1   FP34   FP5   FP6   FP15   FP16   FP17   FP18   FP19   FP22

Bridleway – B20

Unclassified Road – U1   U2   U3   U4   U5   U6   U7   U8   U9


The Old Ring Road is a public right of way (Unclassified Road 8 part Bridleway ) which runs between Five Lanes (at its junction with the Five Lanes roundabout) and a point where it joins a Torbay route near a parish boundary stone. The Marldon route is roughly 380M long and can be identified by a signpost at either end. The route slopes slightly down towards the parish boundary stone; the surface is generally unmade but there is a ‘footpath’ of rough tarmac and stone chippings for most of its length. Two large benches have been placed along its length for those who wish to rest awhile and enjoy the views.