Footpaths In Marldon

Footpath – FP1   FP34   FP5   FP6   FP15   FP16   FP17   FP18   FP19   FP22

Bridleway – B20

Unclassified Road – U1   U2   U3   U4   U5   U6   U7   U8   U9


The Old Ring Road is a public right of way (Unclassified Road 8, part Bridleway) which runs between Five Lanes (at its junction with the Five Lanes roundabout) and a point where it joins a Torbay route near a parish boundary stone. The Marldon route is roughly 380M long and can be identified by a signpost at either end. The route slopes slightly down towards the parish boundary stone; the surface is generally unmade but there is a ‘footpath’ of rough tarmac and stone chippings for most of its length. Two large benches have been placed along its length for those who wish to rest awhile and enjoy the views, the best being at the junction with Footpath 13.

Bench on Footpath 13/old ring road