Remembering Tony Chidlow

TONY CHIDLOW. 07 February 1941 – 12 January 2022

It is with much sadness that I have to report the passing away of our long serving member TONY CHIDLOW today, 12th January.

Tony was a founder member of the Marldon Local History Group back in 2001 and served in all positions on the Committee from Treasurer, Secretary and until very recently as Chairman, having taken over that last role in 2012.

I think I can speak for all our Members when I say that if it wasn’t for Tony’s dedication to the Group it would not have survived in its current state today and we will all sorely miss him.

Our thoughts are very much with his beloved wife Sylvia and daughter Samantha, along with all their family members at this very sad time.

Tony, Samantha and Sylvia at last year’s Apple Pie fair.

Tony & Sylvia Chidlow

In recognition of the endless hours both Tony & Sylvia Chidlow have devoted to the Marldon Local History Group the members elected at their Special General Meeting in December 2021 to make Tony Group President and Sylvia Lady President

Sadly Tony has been suffering with ill health recently and has had to step back from his duties as Chairman I am sure you will all join with us in thanking him for his many years of service to the group, he recently sent this letter to our members.

Dear Member/Friend,

Many of you will know that our Group was founded in September 2001, and our first Chairman was the late Doug Pulle, who passed away after a long illness, during which time I stood in as Chairman.
When Doug passed away in 2012 I was then elected Chairman.

Since the beginning of this year I have been considering whether I can play a proper part as Chairman, taking into account my state of health which has changed dramatically.

This was a very difficult decision to take in view of the length of time I have worked with the many Members and non-Members who gave up so much of their time and I cannot thank them enough.

Some of you will know that at the beginning of the year I suffered a stroke which badly affected my legs, to the extent that I have much difficulty in walking in anything like a normal way, or for any length of time. Apparently my legs are now at half of the strength they should be!

These are the present circumstances, and on health grounds I shall be stepping down as Chairman of the Group at our Christmas Social evening as I cannot foresee a situation where things will return to normal.
I am therefore proposing that from then on our current Secretary Derek Hore takes over the position as Chairman of our Group.

This will not affect what I do for the Parish magazine.

Many thanks and best wishes to you all.

Tony Chidlow –  Chairman.

Sadly Tony passed away shortly after writing this letter, we will endeavor to continue with his work for the History Group but sadly so much knowledge passed with him which once again reminds us how important it is to record memories whilst we still can. Thankfully the History Group has an amazing archive and Tony spent many years cataloging items and records we are currently familiarizing ourselves with his system and trying to incorporate the items he had not catalogued a somewhat daunting task that may take some time.