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As part of  its Archive, the Group collects books and other printed material relating to, or containing reference to, the village and Parish of Marldon.

Since our formation in September 2001, we have collected, through donation and purchase, a large collection of old and new books with a Marldon connection, together with other books of more general South Devon interest.

The Group is happy to make any book in its collection available for borrowing by Members of the Group,and below is a list, with brief comments where appropriate.

Books by Elizabeth Goudge (1900 – 1984).

Elizabeth Goudge was a well known author, who had over 40 books published together with several collections and anthologies.  Elizabeth Goudge lived in Marldon between 1939 and 1951, writing several books including “Smoky House”  and “The White Witch”, “The Castle on the Hill” “The Little White Horse” and “Gentian Hill”, all based on the locality.  It was here too that she wrote her greatest commercial success “Green Dolphin Country” which was made into a film in the United States.

For more information about Elizabeth Goudge and her time in Marldon Click Here

1 Island Magic (1934)  2 The Bird in the Tree (1940)
3 Green Dolphin Country (1944) 4 At the Sign of the Dolphin (Anthology) (1947)
5 The Herb of Grace (aka Pilgrim’s Inn)(1948) 6 Gentian Hill (1949)
7 Make Believe (1949) 8 The Reward of Faith (1949)
9 The Heart of the Family (1953) 10 The Rosemary Tree (1956)
11 The Dean’s Watch (1960) 12 The Scent of Water (1963)
13 The Joy of the Snow (autobiography)(1974) 14 Three Cities of Bells (collection) (1965)
15 Linnets and Valerians (1964) 16 The Child from the Sea (1970)
17 The White Witch (1958) 18 God so loved the world (1951)
19 A Book of Faith (Anthology) 1976 20 The Middle Window (1935)
21 The City of Bells (1936) 22 Towers in the mist (1938)
23 Smoky House (1940) 24 The Castle on the hill (1942) (Paperback)
25 The Valley of Song (1951) 26 The book of comfort (Anthology)(1964)
27 A Christmas Book (1967) 27   Henrietta’s House (1942)