Social History

cropped-narrowblueban2.gifThe Social and Oral History of the Parish of Marldon

“SOCIAL HISTORY” has been academically defined as “the study of the history of society and culture, that attempts to view history from the point of view of social trends”.   Less pretentiously perhaps, it has also been described as “history from below”, because “it deals with ordinary people”.

“ORAL HISTORY”, on the other hand, is self explanatory, and it is probably fair to say that most oral history collected by local history groups such as ours is of “social history”.   

Oral history, by its nature, needs to be transcribed from it’s original (usually audio) recording format, to a more durable paper or, nowadays, electronic format for archive purposes, and also to enable it to be more widely available to the history group’s members and others.  Marldon Local History Group is fortunate in having inherited several such transcriptions made by villagers prior to our formation as a group, as well as those acquired by the Group since.   We hope to add these to our “Social & Oral History” pages of this website in due course.   In the meantime, we are always anxious to acquire new memories and recollections, as well as offers of assistance in recording such material from our older parishioners.

Our latest acquisition is about Peter’s Farm, which we have entitled “A childhood of Summer memories of Peter’s Farm”.

We have now added “Memories of Marldon”  a series of Memories presented to the Group archive.

Old Village Centre, Marldon8

Memories of Marldon (Click Here to Visit)

Transcripts of Villagers’ memories of a bygone age.

Old Village Centre, Marldon9

Peter’s Farm (Click Here to visit)

A Childhood of Summer memories of Peter’s Farm by Basil Sutcliffe


David Best-cover

Marldon in Wartime (Click Here to visit)

The memories of a schoolboy growing up in Marldon during the war by David Best

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