Remembering Doug Pulle

There are probably millions of memorials in this country to people who many more millions of other people thought worth remembering, from the humble stones in the smallest of Churchyards to the grand edifices and statuary constructed from marble, granite and metal to honour the great and the good of the nation.

Amongst these millions of almost everlasting memorials there are an incalculable number of memorials which, although of a less enduring nature and material, are nevertheless chosen not only for the same laudable reasons as their grander counterparts, but in many (if not most) cases for more personal and meaningful reasons.  The grand monuments of marble and metal may last forever, but the simple headstone or more personal memorial such as a seat or a plaque with a few well chosen words will often inform the passer-by of future years of far more about the person being remembered, and in a more personal and appropriate way, than the grand but ubiquitous monuments which adorn our city centres or other prominent places.

So it was, that our Parish, under the auspices of the Village Hall Council,  of which Doug Pulle was Chairman for very many years, chose to honour his memory with the planting of an Oak tree on Jubilee Meadow and the hanging of a charming photograph and an appropriate text of tribute in the entrance of the Village Hall.   Doug and his family will appreciate the significance of the Oak tree and its acorns, and others who knew him less well will hopefully be informed by the framed text of just a part of the involvement which Doug had over very many years in the community and social life of our Parish,  through the various village organisations with which he was involved.

These memorials were chosen from many varied suggestions (and with the help of donations)  from Parish residents and organisations, all wanting to contribute to two memorials to a well liked and respected Parishioner, which although small compared with their grander counterparts, will surely last and serve their purpose almost as long.