Gravestone Inscriptions

Gravestone & Plaque Inscriptions

The Inscriptions are taken from the Grave Stones or Plaques and are, where legible, the full text. Names within the Inscription may  also be listed separately.

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This is just an excerpt

First Name Last Name Inscriptions
Bridgman Sally Bridgman
daughter of Thomas Bridgman
d. 7 Feb. 1815 aged 6
also of — Bridgman
d. Mar. 1816 aged 84
(the rest illegible)
Carter (Baby) (Path to Steps)
Harris In Memory of
Richard Austin
Also his Wife
Emma Shepherd
Mrs Harris
Illegible Illegible
Illegible Illegible
Knapman ( Blank Stone Cross )
Rudland Reserved for the
Rudland Family
Rudland Reserved for the
Rudland Family
Rudland Reserved for the
Rudland Family
z No Details z No Inscription
 Clifford R Smith Clifford R Smith
 died 30th Jan 2006
 Aged 81
 Eva Clarke Eva and Lewis Clarke
 1918 – 2004    1920 – 2004
 Always in our thoughts
 God Bless
 Patricia Ann Richardson In loving memory
 of our dear Mother wife and nanny
Patricia Ann Richardson
who fell asleep 30th Oct 2005
 Aged 61
 Zanna Goddard Zanna Goddard
 Granna 22 Oct 1945 – 25 July 2006
 forever remembered with a smile
and a song
A.c. Turner A.C.Turner
20.3.24 – 30.3.86
A.G and M Kelley Stone Fallen
A.M Corah In Loving Memory Of
Nancy Mercer Corah
Died 28th March 1932 aged 25
” Mine saith the Lord of Host in the Day
When I make up my Jewels “
A. M. Corah
Abigail Tozer Abigail
wife of John Tozer
d. 13 Mar. 1862 aged 60
also the above named
John Tozer
d. 8 July 1875 aged 86
Abigail Jade Crocker Baby Abigail Jade Crocker
Born and taken from us
15th March 1993
Abram Selley In Loving Memory of
Jack Beloved only Son of
A. and B. Selley
Who passed away 5th January 1934
Aged 16 years
” We cannot Lord thy purpose see
But all is well that’s done by thee “
Also of
Abram Selley
Who passed away
August 26th 1937 aged 55 y
Ada Canning In Loving Memory of
Ada Canning
Died April 11th 1953
Dearly Beloved Wife of
William Atherton Canning
of  Weekaborough House  Marldon
And the above W. A. Canning
Died May 3rd 1967
Ada Davies In Memory of
Charles Stanley Davies
Died 16th September 1943 aged 61
Also Ada his Wife
Died 26th August 1945 aged 78
Ada Webber Archibald J Webber
Died August 30th 1909  Aged 36
Ada his Beloved Wife
Died March 13th 1951  Aged 86
” Reunited “
Ada Elizabeth Hallett In Loving Memory of
Walter Hallett
Who Died at Westerland
March 16th 1909 aged 55 years
“Grant Him O Lord Eternal Rest”
Also of
Ada Elizabeth His Wife
Who Died August 30th 1920 aged 57
Ada Helen Wauman Treasured Memories of
 my Dearest Husband
Brian T Wauman
Died 16th November 1976 aged 66
And of
Ada Helen Wauman
Wife of the Above
Died 22nd November 1982
Adam White Newcombe Adam White Newcombe
son of George and Ann Newcombe d. 2 May 1830 aged 21
also Mary dau. of George and Ann Newcombe d. 6 Dec. 1832 aged 20
Agnes Crutch Helen Crutch d. 15 Nov. 1888 aged 63
also Agnes Sewart wife of William Crutch (of this parish)
d. 7 May 1889 aged 72
Aiden Morton Aiden Morton
1898 – 1982
Alan Griffiths Alan Griffiths
4.4.1943 – 22.2.1998
Lovingly remembered
Albert Langworthy In Loving Memory of
Albert Langworthy
Died 19-9-1936  aged 81 years
” At Rest “
Also His Beloved Wife
Elizabeth who Died
27-9-1937 aged 82 years
Albert Rendell In Loving Memory of
Lily M. K. Rendell
Wife of Major A Rendell R.M.
Died January 9th 1946 aged 57 years
Reunited with
Albert Rendell
January 18th 1970 aged 82 years
Albert Williams Treasured Memories
Albert Williams
Devoted husband and father
17.8.1909 – 15.2.1986
Albert Edgar Winson Albert Edgar Winson
  Died 12th February 1966 aged 84years
Albert Edward Wills Albert Edward Wills
Died 28th April 1930  aged 80 years
Also Susan Wills
Died 20th February 1931  aged 78 years
Albert Edward Wooster In Loving Memory of
A Dear Husband and Father
Albert Edward Wooster
Who died 12th December 1962
Also at Rest his Loved Wife
Edith Jessie Stabb
Died 3rd July 1981
“Resting where no shadows fall”
Albert George Strong In Loving Memory of
Albert George Strong
Died 27th March 1986
Aged 89
Maud Elizabeth Strong
Died 10th November 1995
Aged 97 years
Albert H Johns In Loving Memory of
Albert H Johns
Of Higher Orchard Compton
Who died 22nd March 1972 aged 70
Also his Sister
Elsie Kate Johns
Who died 16th September 1975 aged 78
Albert Henry Underhill Albert Henry Underhill
1907 – 1973
Muriel Doris Underhill
1905 – 1994
Albert Nigel Cockayne In Loving Memory of
Iris Cockayne
Nee Mathison
1915  –  1994
Wife of Albert Nigel
1915  –  1989
Albert P. Blake In Loving Memory of
Our Dear Parents
Albert P Blake
Died 19th April 1932 aged 43
Alice A Blake
Died 27th November 1967 aged 77
” Reunited “