Marldon Now


‘Marldon Now’ Part 1 —  Part 2

The photographs displayed in both groups of ‘Marldon Now’ are part of a project by Marldon Local History Group to compile a representative pictorial record of Marldon Parish during the years 2000-2010. The whole portfolio has been divided into two groups. The ‘Marldon Now 1‘ group of photographs on this page relates generally to the geographical areas within the parish, Marldon village, Compton and Westerland being the largest of those areas and the most populated. The ‘Marldon Now 2’ group, which can be accessed by clicking on the link, ‘Marldon Now 2’ , illustrates the parish’s built area and include prominent buildings such as the Parish Church of St John Baptist and Compton Castle amongst its content.

Today’s surroundings are tomorrow’s heritage of course and whether they are being viewed for research or not, the photographs are on display for everyone to enjoy. For those who, in future years, wish to look back to determine the changes in Marldon we hope there will not be many for it is a very beautiful place as it is.

All the photographs have been taken by committee member Ray Bond and, jointly with Marldon Local History Group, they ask that you respect their right to ownership and refrain from reproducing any of the images without written permission. Thank you.

Many photographs copyright singly of Ray Bond & collectively Marldon Local History Group.
NOTE: No reproduction allowed without written permission.