Covid Capsule

We need your help please Marldon Local History Group is creating a digital archive about Marldon during lockdown, a sort of Covid Capsule although we don’t want to capture the virus in it!!! 🤧As you probably know there is a Millennium Time Capsule in the Village Hall. We thought that it would be fantastic if we could collect together everyone’s memories and photographs from the lock down period. We have lived through some unprecedented times and events since 2020, this is living history which we can record on Marldon Local History Group website. As you may know us crazy folk in Millmans Road sat out every day for over 18 months, yes in the rain, wind, snow, blazing heat we were there 🤣to wave and say a cheerful hello o anyone who passed by. We also celebrated and created our own events as things like the Apple Pie Fair and Gardening Show were cancelled we held our own mini tributes, all socially distanced and covid safe of course so we already have lots of photos to get us going. We know other people in the village did all sorts of amazing things, supported there neighbours, clapped the NHS, created their own way of getting through lock down, babies were born, children were home schooled and sadly lives were lost please help us capture all these memories by sending in your photos, videos, poems, written words whatever feels appropriate and we will collate it all together on the History Group website. You don’t need to be a member to take part in this but we always welcome anyone who wants to join us. Material can be sent to myself or Derek by messenger or email, could you send a little info about the photo etc so we have some context please. Looking forward to hearing all your stories