Marldon Village Play-Park

Our old play-park

With our Village play-park finally now undergoing a complete regeneration (after about 50 years of being in existence!), this sees the first ‘real’ investment in our Village amenities since the hall was opened 30 years ago.
Bearing that in mind, the History Group will be following the play-park redevelopment closely with regular pictorial updates as each stage progresses.

STAGE ONE: Grass and ground clearance.

STAGE TWO: Overhanging trees and bushes trimmed or cut back.

STAGE THREE: Removal of old, condemned play equipment and securing of site, ready for groundworks to commence.

STAGE FOUR: And so, on 11th January 2021 groundworks for shaping the play-park foundations finally commences – and the end of the day (bottom two pictures).

STAGE FOUR (cont): Levelling continues of bottom and top tier, also of picnic area.

STAGE FOUR (cont): Levelling continues of the top tier, and clearing of the linking pathway between top and bottom.

STAGE FOUR (cont): That’s it for now! The ground is levelled and cleared in preparation for ‘Rhino’ to move in and start construction work once the ground has had time to settle. (14-01-21)

On the 15th February 2021, work finally commenced on the second phase of the play-park regeneration, following a two week delay due to snow, rain and general bad weather. This phase will see the base ground prepared for the top safety surface and the bases added for the play equipment.

Base hardcore now being laid.

6th April and after the Easter break – things are looking good!