cropped-narrowblueban2.gifList of Items in the Archive Database of Marldon Local History Group
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The Archive of the Marldon Local History Group contains an index to the books, booklets, publications,  postcards, transcripts and other memorabilia which refer to life in the Devon Village of Marldon. Many other items are, currently being added to the database and will be published when completed. A more comprehensive list of books is available on the Books page If anyone has memorabilia that they would like to donate or, perhaps, sell to the group please use the Contacts page to email us.  A separate list of Press Cuttings is available on the Press Cutting Page accessible from the Menu above. The database is searchable globally.

The items within the archive as listed are divided into separate categories as per the column headed index. If you wish to view an item please quote the category and code and we will be happy to help you.