Marldon Memories


Memories – PART 1PART 2PART 3 – PART 4PART 5PART 6
Part of Marldon Local History Group Social and Oral History Archive

AS MENTIONED in our introduction on the Social History Page, the Group has been fortunate to acquire several written memoirs, some made many years prior to the Group’s formation.   These are being transcribed to enable them to be made available on our website in due course.   It is also hoped that other Marldon residents can be encouraged to commit their memories to paper.

Memories 1 are the memories of Mrs. Sheila Maureen Ward (nee Carey) formerly of Singmore Cottage, Five Lanes, (c.1918 to late 1920’s) and Singmore House (1953 to 1962) followed in Memories 2 by the memories of her son Peter Ward, well know in the Village and very active in the community.

The next two items emanate from tape recordings made by Alan Brockhurst, who lived at Brock’s Barn next to the “Olde Smokey House Inn”.   The recordings were made in 1957, and are referred to on the original transcriptions as “Brock’s Tapes”.

Memories 3 is a transcript giving the recollections and memories of several villagers about various aspects of Marldon’s everyday life and events and its recent history as they recalled it.

Memories 4 is a precis made some years later by the late Peter Fillan, then Headmaster of Marldon Primary School, in which he extracts information from the tapes for use in lessons,  giving the children some insight into what life was like in their village within living memory. Peter recalls taking, in the 1960’s, a group of children to see a lady living in one of the cottages in the old part of the village who showed them how she still cooked and heated the house on an old iron range and about living without electricity, getting water from a well and using a privy in the garden.  The children found it all amazing as they all came from the “new” bungalows in the village!

Memories 5 is a short memoir by Roy Underhill, who sadly passed away in 2009.  Roy was  born and lived all his life in Marldon, and was well known and very involved  with various village organisations. With others, he was responsible for the  revival of the Apple Pie Fair in 1958, and the formation of Marldon Gardening  Club as successor to the very popular Marldon Flower Show.”

Memories 6 is a transcript of a talk given by local farmer Frank Palk to the Group.

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