Press Cuttings 4

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Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 25th October 2002 Council (SHDC) P37 Trevor Pennington wants to end council cabinet system
Press Cutting 4th November 2002 Social & Sport P38 Village footballers fear losing Grassy Tor, Roy Underhill wants  to buy the land to ‘have more control’ over its use.
Press Cutting 24th July 2002 Apple Pie Fair P19 Marldon Apple Pie Fair (Feature Advert)
Press Cutting 8th November 2002 School P40 African date for School art project, work from Marldon to be  shown in Africa.
Press Cutting 26th July 2002 People P20 Retirement from teaching of Colin Eagan. After 40 years at the  same school, Head of Science, Colin Egan is retiring regretting  that the ‘joy of teaching’ is disappearing.
Press Cutting 10th December 2002 Public Houses P42 Brian Carter praises Church House Inn
Press Cutting 17th December 2002 People P43 Bygones reunion in 1942 sent by Mrs Jane Collins
Press Cutting 15th August 2002 Social & Sport P23 Annual Gardening Club Show. Exhibitors are set to show flowers,  photography, craft, vegetables and cookery.
Press Cutting 6th November 2002 Social & Sport P39 Trevor Pennington’s Bruno a champion. Eight year old Bruno wins a  Championship for Tervor Pennington after a 32 year wait
Press Cutting 29th July 2002 Social & Sport P22 Marldon Organ and Keyboard Club hold Jubilee Concert
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 30th December 2002 Council (SHDC) P44 Councillors protest at Government cash shake up. Householders  facing 20% council tax increase.
Press Cutting 22nd August 2002 Local History Group P24 AGM of Marldon Local History Group.First anniversary inaugral  AGM.
Press Cutting 29th August 2002 Letter P25 Apple Pie Fair Success
Press Cutting 29th August 2002 Crime P26 Car Vandals run riot in Marldon
Press Cutting 2nd September 2002 Local History Group P27 Birthday celebrations for Marldon Local History Group
Press Cutting 4th September 2002 Social & Sport P28 Gardening Club Annual Summer Show has more than 500 entries.  Competiton winners in text
Press Cutting 10th September 2002 People P29 Sarah Redheffer’s parents tell of anguish on Songs of Praise held  in St Giles, Cripplegate, London
Press Cutting 30th September 2002 Social & Sport P30 Marldon F.C. play on Grassy Tor. Marldon’s new generation revive  classic village venue
Press Cutting 12th September 2002 People P31 Services in rememberance of Sarah Redheffer killed in World Trade  Centre attack.Service at St George’s Church Goodrington led by  her Uncle the Rev. Brian Prothero. Also special service in Bath  led by Rev David Prothero, former vicar of Marldon.
Press Cutting 15th December 2003 Crime P102 ú6,500.00 drugs raid in Marldon

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