Press Cuttings 2

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Press Cutting October 1956 School 3 Marldon Grammar School Excavations
Press Cutting 5th December 1956 Events 3 Report & Photo Totnes Fat Stock Show -showing Frank Palk
Press Cutting 1956 People 12 WH Bridgman 78th birthday inc Christie Rev Llandon Low
Press Cutting 1956 People 4 John Farley Compton Castle
Press Cutting 1959 People 29 WH Bridgman 70 years in Church Choir
Press Cutting 1960 School 31 Christmas Party, in the Village Hall
Press Cutting 1962 School 43 Laying Foundation stone for New School, includes photos, Rev Corbett, School Managers Mrs Hiley, Mrs Low, Miss Clarke, Miss Hall
Press Cutting 19th October 1963 School 44 Opening of the New School by the Bishop of Exeter, some photos
Press Cutting 1970 Church 18 Rehanging of bells inc Moysey Cmdr & son Francis Gilbert
Press Cutting 13th May 1970 Village/Parish 5 Your Village’ article in SouthDevon Journal
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Press Cutting 6th January 1970 Compton Castle 18 Extract from Wester Morning News – Compton Castle, Gilbert family & Drake & Hawkins
Press Cutting 1972 Social & Sport 15 Pantomime inc Nunn Curtis Fillan Neil Stokes
Press Cutting 1972 Apple Pie Fair P3 Apple Pie Fair at Marldon 1972
Press Cutting 1973 Torbay Chalet 24 Acquisition of Holiday Centre by Godfrey Davis Organisation
Press Cutting 1973 Torbay Chalet 14 Includes photograph of newl refurbished swimming pool
Press Cutting 1975 Torbay Chalet 6 Bob Hooper presenting award to “miss Torbay Chalet” 1974
Press Cutting 1975 Torbay Chalet 23 Building improvements (Godfrey Davis News)
Press Cutting 1975 Torbay Chalet 22 Double page spread advertising Torbay Chalet Hotel
Press Cutting 1976 School 40 Our School’ from Paignton News, Peter Fillan, Kay Perryman, Betty Bromidge, John Hopkins, Vicky Alcock
Press Cutting October 1976 Torbay Chalet 31 An Oasis called Torbay Chalet Hotel (Godfrey Davis News)
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Press Cutting 1978 Torbay Chalet 17 Military Fire Fighters and Green Godess stationed at Torbay Chalet in 1973, also 2003 press cutting
Press Cutting 1978 Torbay Chalet 8 Bob Hooper and young guests celebrating giving ú2,000 to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Assoc.
Press Cutting 1979 Torbay Chalet 7 Fund Raising for Guide Dogs for the Blind, including demonstration of Dennis Fire Engine, includes Dave Starr the entertainments manager presenting the Cheque and Bob Hooper at wheel of Fire engine
Press Cutting April 1981 Torbay Chalet 15 Darts Competition with World Champion Eric Bristow, pictured with Bob Hooper and Peter Ludbrook
Press Cutting 1983 People 28 Alan Brockhurst
Press Cutting 1983 Village/Parish 31 The History of Marldon, extract from Herald Express article by Joyce Packe
Press Cutting 1987 Social & Sport 14 Pantomime inc Wilson Jack Moore Yeoman Fillan Rev Brockhouse
Press Cutting December 1988 School 4 Headmaster  Peter Fillan retires from Marldon School
Press Cutting 1988 People 15 Retirement of Peter Fillan (3)
Press Cutting 1991 Village/Parish 47 The Building of the New Village Hall, Marldon’s new Heart