Press Cuttings 10

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Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 7th October 2005 Property Sales P223 Old Village School conversion for sale
Press Cutting 29th July 2005 People P213 Inquest on Neil and Ann Jones (see also P211, 207)
Press Cutting 2nd August 2005 People P215 Famous Devon Figures, Elizabeth Goudge (see also P11)
Press Cutting 4th August 2005 People P216 Open Verdict on body found in field in 2004 (see P170)
Press Cutting September 2005 Locations P221 Occombe Farms Development
Press Cutting 12th August 2005 Social & Sport P218 Marldon Computer Club get grant from Arts Council Lottery fund.
Press Cutting 2nd September 2005 Events P219 Marldon Gardening Clubs 35th Annual Show
Press Cutting 14th September 2005 Apple Pie Fair P220 Apple Pie Fair winning Balloon reaches Sevigny (Tony Chidlow and Ann Harrington with prize winner Colin Beattie)
Press Cutting 10th August 2005 Locations P217 Beehive construction start work on Occombe Farm board walk (see P165, p221)
Press Cutting 28th July 2005 Apple Pie Fair P212 New parking for Apple Pie Fair
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 7th October 2005 Property Sales P222 Westerland House for sale
Press Cutting 9th September 2006 Events P265 36th Marldon Flower show, Photo Secretary Robert Cook, judges Freddy Friend and Harry Colclough
Press Cutting 4th September 2006 Village/Parish P264 Rare Death’s Head Hawkmoth found in Marldon
Press Cutting 1st August 2006 Apple Pie Fair P263 Thousands enjoty Apple Pies
Press Cutting 31st July 2006 Apple Pie Fair P262 Wendy Kealey pictured with Apple Pies.
Press Cutting 28th July 2006 Social and Sport P261 Lucy Eveleigh pictured on Henry at Totnes Show
Press Cutting 30th June 2006 People P259 British inquest on Neil and Ann Jones
Press Cutting 25th September 2006 Social & Sport P266 Marldon FC match abandoned
Press Cutting 4th December 2006 Village/Parish P274 Fallen tree on Marldon to Berry Pomeroy road
Press Cutting 1st June 2006 Social & Sport P257 Footballers damage Bowling Club Green, Green Keeper Eric Glanfield says ú700 of damage
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 14th July 2006 Apple Pie Fair P260 Axe teams versus Chain saws at Apple Pie Fair, Lesley Pollard
Press Cutting 28th September 2006 Apple Pie Fair P267 Apple Pie Fair balloon race winner Donna Harding presented with cheque by Tony Chidlow and Ann Harringt
Press Cutting 30th September 2006 Village/Parish P268 Lantern Festival Appeal,  Jon Croose (Means of Production) applies for lottery funding to make event an
Press Cutting 5th October 2006 Village/Parish P269 Accident at Churscombe Cross roundabout, Marldon
Press Cutting 17th October 2006 Locations P270 Compton Pool website wins award
Press Cutting 30th October 2006 Village/Parish P271 New owners for Marldon Christmas Tree Farm, Jeff and Sadie Lynes take over from Hans and Teresa Schurma
Press Cutting 17th November 2006 Public Houses P273 Church House Inn in advertsing feature
Press Cutting 13th December 2006 People P275 Debbie Flack displays at Bickley Mill Gift Evening
Press Cutting 30th December 2006 Village/Parish P276 Belfield Estate labelled ‘shanty town’ in planning dispute
Press Cutting 19th May 2006 Locations P256 Dry Cured bacon at Occombe Farm
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 16th November 2006 Locations P272 Occombe Farm breeds Oxford Sandy and Black pigs
Press Cutting 20th January 2006 Village/Parish P240 Candlemass walk plans
Press Cutting 12th June 2006 People P258 Suspended sentence on driver who killed Neil and Ann Jones
Press Cutting 5th May 2006 Social & Sport P255 Marldon Under 13’s with Malcolm Bidder Cup
Press Cutting 4th January 2006 Public Houses P236 Demonstration against Old Smokey Plans (See 232)
Press Cutting 6th January 2006 Village/Parish P237 Candlemass Festival, Lanterns to light up streets as 50 people parade rough village
Press Cutting 13th January 2006 Public Houses P239 Bid to stop Old Smokey motel set to fail (see 238)
Press Cutting 1st February 2006 Events P241 Dame Dotties Dolly Mixtures (instead of usual Panto) photo includes Tony Moore, Ray Harrington
Press Cutting 8th February 2006 Village/Parish P242 Candlemass festival fantastic success
Press Cutting 14th February 2006 Locations P243 Occombe Farm weeks from opening (see 221 etc)

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