Press Cuttings 8

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Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 7th September 2004 People P167 Keedie Babb. Debut single to come out after winning Stairway To  The Stars
Press Cutting 29th June 2004 School P141 Marldon School pupils, Stephen Leaman and Jacob Brown complete  sponsored walk for CLIC
Press Cutting 1st September 2004 Village P165 Marldon properties for sale including recently converted Occombe  Barns(Sales Adverts)
Press Cutting 27th September 2004 People P164 Acquittal of Miraj Ali tried for killing D.J. Alex Holmes. Ali is  fulll of remorse after defending himself against his friend
Press Cutting 25th September 2004 People P163 Waiter Miraj Ali is cleared of killing disc jockey Alex Holmes
Press Cutting 24th September 2004 People P162 Trial of Miraj Ali accused of killing Alex Holmes
Press Cutting 23rd September 2004 Village P161 Village road safety, Marldon demands more speed cameras, humps  and 20mph speed limits
Press Cutting 20th September 2004 Village P160 Compton Valley Nursery, a new approach to childcare
Press Cutting 20th September 2004 Church P159 Marldon Church Art Display is part of an exhibition at various  local churches which tells the story of Christ’s life, the theme  of Marldon Church is the Baptism.
Press Cutting 8th September 2004 Apple Pie Fair P158 Apple Pie Fair balloon reaches Belgium and wins £100 for Max and  Amber
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 23rd August 2004 People P157 Councillor Hooper at Palace Garden Party
Press Cutting 14th August 2004 People P156 Tributes pour in for Betty Bovill. Funeral of Art Society founder
Press Cutting 7th August 2004 Apple Pie Fair P155 Comments from an Apple Pie Fair car park attendant. Dr. Peter  Moore
Press Cutting 29th July 2004 People P144 Death of Mrs Elizabeth Bovill aged 91 well known artist and short  story writer also founder member and chairman of Torbay Guild of  Artists
Press Cutting 5th August 2004 Apple Pie Fair P154 Western Morning News: Bob Joinson locked in church tower while  taking Apple Pie photos
Press Cutting 23rd July 2004 People P143 Ruth Nye has her late husband’s model trains valued at more than  £4,000 by Antiques Roadshow expert Paul Atterbury
Press Cutting 31st July 2004 Apple Pie Fair P145 Apple Pie Fair today( What’s on feature)
Press Cutting 2nd August 2004 Apple Pie Fair P146 Thousands savour a taste of Apple Pie fun
Press Cutting 3rd August 2004 Crime P147 Village Hall vandals do £1,000 worth of damage.
Press Cutting 4th August 2004 Compton Castle P148 Totnes Times: Compton Castle sheep wins at Totnes Show. Angela  and Geoffrey Gilbert’s  ram Gallenus was a Sheep class winner
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 8th June 2004 Apple Pie Fair P142 Power installed in Meadow for Apple Pie Fair. The Village Hall  council agreed to fund the project which will permanently supply  power to the meadow.
Press Cutting 4th August 2004 Apple Pie Fair P150 Totnes Times: Apple Pie Fair ‘s a record breaker
Press Cutting 2004 Apple Pie Fair P151 Jack. Apple Pie Fair donkey (What’s on feature)
Press Cutting 4th August 2004 Apple Pie Fair P152 Hall vandalism mars Apple Pie Fair success, holes kicked in doors  and walls
Press Cutting 4th August 2004 Apple Pie Fair P149 Apple Pie Fair run was the most demanding to date taking in an  off road course through Occombe and Scadson Woods
Press Cutting 4th August 2004 Crime P153 Totnes Times: Vandals ruin Village Hall. Community stalwarts  condemn vandals
Press Cutting 30th June 2005 Crime P205 Strimmer theft from Church (see also P204, 225)
Press Cutting 18th April 2005 Village/Parish P197 Controversial village crossing (see also P161, 198,199)
Press Cutting 29th April 2005 Village/Parish P198 Letter re crossing from Mrs Eveleigh(criticism of Parish Councillors agreeing to removal of crossing) (see also P 197, 199
Press Cutting 5th May 2005 Village/Parish P199 Letter re crossing from Councillor Cox (See also P197, 198)
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 7th May 2005 Council (SHDC) P200 County Council Election Results (Trevor Pennington, see also P191 etc)
Press Cutting 17th May 2005 People P201 Famous Devon figures, Walter Mallock Gee founder of Church Boys Brigade son of Rev Robert Gee vicar of Paignton with Marldon (see P193)
Press Cutting 18th May 2005 Events P202 Beating the Bounds (see also P137)
Press Cutting 16th July 2005 People P207 Sgt Neil Jones and wife killed on motor cycle crash in France (see also P211, 213)
Press Cutting 18th June 2005 Church P204 Herald Expressions Photograph of Marldon Church
Press Cutting 4th July 2005 School P206 Marldon School singers at West Point Music Festival
Press Cutting 14th April 2005 Crime P196 Theft from Village Hall (see also P153)
Press Cutting 18th January 2005 People P189 Dave Berlyn’s lucky escape in tractor crash.
Press Cutting 19th July 2005 Apple Pie Fair P208 Rachel Hill, direct descendant of George Hill, attendant to Princess at Apple Pie Fair
Press Cutting 7th June 2005 Village/Parish P203 Speed alert at Westerland Valley

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