Press Cuttings 9

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Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 11th April 2005 Village/Parish P195 Voting moves to Village Hall (see also P134)
Press Cutting 18th March 2005 Events P194 Tsunami concert raises ú1134.34 (see also P192)
Press Cutting 16th March 2005 People P193 Tribute to Walter Gee, founder of Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade, born  in Marldon 160 years ago (see also P201)
Press Cutting 19th February 2005 Events P192 Variety concert in aid of Tsunami Appeal (see also P185
Press Cutting 1st January 2005 Village/Parish P183 Gas leak closes Five Lanes Rd
Press Cutting 28th January 2005 Events P190 Panto, Cinderella entertains (also P114)
Press Cutting 18th January 2005 Apple Pie Fair P188 Kenneth Wolstenholme at past Apple Pie Fair (see P158, P210, P212, P214, P220
Press Cutting 11th January 2005 Village/Parish P187 (Bygones) Marldon Windmill then and now
Press Cutting 6th January 2005 People P186 Keedie Babb on Never Mind the Buzzcocks (also P172, P228
Press Cutting 5th January 2005 People P185 Neil Butler and Family’s escape from tsunami, (son of Avis and Travers Butler of Marldon) (see also P192, P194)
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 4th January 2005 Church P184 Peter Bellenes calls meeting to discuss future of Berry Pomeroy Church, closure risk as congregation falls (see also P117)
Press Cutting 23rd July 2005 People P211 Tribute to Neil and Ann Jones ( see also P207, 213)
Press Cutting January 2005 Village/Parish 45 Marldon Windmill
Press Cutting 23rd July 2005 Apple Pie Fair P210 Apple Pie Fair dates back to 1875 (see also P208)
Press Cutting 10th February 2005 Council (SHDC) P191 Trevor Pennington’s cash saving crusade (
Press Cutting 16th December 2005 Public Houses P232 Site visit for Smokey conversion plans
Press Cutting 21st December 2005 School P235 Further photographs of school Nativity Play
Press Cutting 19th July 2005 Church P209 Rev. Peter Bellenes and St John’s Totnes Holy Labyrinth
Press Cutting 16th December 2005 Village/Parish P233 Two buses meet on Old Totnes Road at Westerland, long tail backs
Press Cutting 8th December 2005 Public Houses P231 Advert for Ye Old Smokey House
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 7th December 2005 Public Houses P230 Church House Inn included in Egon Ronay Guide
Press Cutting 29th November 2005 Village/Parish P229 Shop must prove loss before planning permission can be given to convert to flat (Top Shops Premier store)
Press Cutting 25th November 2005 Village/Parish P228a Candlemass Event, Jon Croose artistic director
Press Cutting 23rd November 2005 People P228 Keedie Babb joins with England Cricket team for charity record(see also P186)
Press Cutting 21st November 2005 Village/Parish P227 Burst Water main, Marldon residents lose water supply
Press Cutting October 2005 Crime P226 Stolen car hunt
Press Cutting 29th October 2005 Church P225 Herald Expressions, photograph of Marldon Parish Church
Press Cutting 22nd October 2005 Village/Parish P224 Village set to buy field next to Five Lanes Roundabout
Press Cutting 1st August 2005 Apple Pie Fair P214 Thousands enjoy taste of Apple Pies (see also P208, 210, 212, 220)
Press Cutting 17th December 2005 School P234 Marldon School Nativity play in Church involves whole school

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