Press Cuttings 5

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Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 23rd September 2003 Village P85 Lorry crash at Farthing Lane/Tones Road junction prompts new  safety calls
Press Cutting 30th December 2003 People P110 Malcolm Vale having his head shaved for charity
Press Cutting 27th December 2003 People P109 Cancer victim Malcolm Vale promises to have his head shaved for  Charity
Press Cutting 24th December 2003 School P108 Toby Codd and Sebastian Wright from Marldon School awaiting their  entrance at Marldon Primary School’s Nativity Play
Press Cutting 22nd December 2003 School P107 Virginia Reilly from Marldon School showing the spirit of  Christmas(Herald Express feature of school children)
Press Cutting 20th December 2003 School P106 Marldon School Nativity Play performed at Marldon Parish Church
Press Cutting 20th December 2003 Social & Sport P105 Clive Hodgson buys new kit for Marldon under 12 football team
Press Cutting 15th December 2003 Public Houses P104 Sponsored walk by Ye Old Smokey House regulars in aid of CLIC
Press Cutting 15th November 2003 Crime P103 Money stolen from Vauxhall van
Press Cutting 31st March 2003 Letter P58 Letters in reply to Wilf Bretforton and Marldon as a Village frm  Tony Chidlow, Lucinda Elliot, Trevor Pennington
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 19th June 2003 Crime P71 Return of Gnome raiders. Gnomes stolen from the same garden as a  year ago, but during the day and right before the family’s eyes
Press Cutting 5th June 2003 Council (Parish) P70 Marldon declares no confidence in its County Councillor over  Torbay’s land grab
Press Cutting 28th May 2003 Council (SHDC) P69 Trevor Pennington vice-chairman South Hams Council
Press Cutting 12th December 2003 Crime P101 Cycling thief hunted in Marldon
Press Cutting 3rd May 2003 Village P67 Hands off Marldon Village by Brian Carter
Press Cutting 22nd October 2003 Letter P87 People power saves bus link.Letter from Wayne Howard re no 7 bus
Press Cutting 28th April 2003 People P65 Cheque for ú1,600.00 handed over to Herald Express Heart Appeal  in memory of John Dodwell.
Press Cutting 22nd April 2003 People P64 Adrian Smith refuses to wear a helmet when riding his BMW C1  Scooter
Press Cutting 14th April 2003 Council (Parish) P63 Village’s referendum votes a resounding ‘no’ to village grab
Press Cutting 10th April 2003 Council (Parish) P62 Big ‘no’ to Bay bid for Village
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 2nd April 2003 Letter P61 Letters in support of Marldon staying out of Torbay urban area
Press Cutting 20th June 2003 People P72 Man from Totnes found dead in his car at Blagdon/Berry Pomeroy  road junction
Press Cutting 1st April 2003 People P59 John Dodwell’s funeral donations to be sent to the Herald Express  Heart Appeal
Press Cutting 24th May 2003 School P68 All 180 pupils are taking part in a sponsored skip at Marldon  School in aid of the British Heart Foundation
Press Cutting 26th March 2003 Letter P57 Letter from Wilf Bretforton re Marldon, myth of Marldon being a  rural idyll.
Press Cutting 19th March 2003 Council (Parish) P56 Torbay’s trying to annexe Marldon. Latest Devon structure plans  put the whole Village in the Urban boundary of Torbay
Press Cutting 19th March 2003 Compton Castle P55 Volunteers wanted to meet and greet at Compton Castle
Press Cutting 13th March 2003 Village P54 Bay peace vigil in national spotlight
Press Cutting 3rd March 2003 Local History Group P53 Marldon Local History Group will be shown films from S.W. Film  and T.V. archive
Press Cutting 26th February 2003 Village P52 About a dozen anti Iraq war protestors march from the Village to  Paignton town centre
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 14th February 2003 Crime P51 Thief steals car keys from a jacket during a meeting in Marldon  Village Hall and then takes car.
Press Cutting 6th February 2003 Village P50 Icy roads halt traffic. A double decker bus and coach ended up  jamming Marldon Cross Hill
Press Cutting 30th January 2003 People P49 Bob Hooper’s memories of Green Godesses at Torbay Chalet Hotel  from 1977
Press Cutting 30th January 2003 Events P48 Councillor Trevor is a real panto animal, Aladdin has a hot air  balloon and a magic carpet and a real belly dance. Trevor plays  the front end of a camel.
Press Cutting 13th January 2003 Village P47 Music making for under 5’s, a new class in Marldon Village Hall  dedicated to performance and music making.
Press Cutting 3rd January 2003 People P45 Alan Sloman raised enough money to buy two electrically operated  beds from his runs in the London Marathon and a 20 mile  multi-terrain run. This is the third bed he has donated.
Press Cutting 2nd April 2003 Council (Parish) P60 Referendum over bid to stay out of Torbay, Devon Structure plans  show shock proposals to include Marldon in Torbay urban Area.
Press Cutting 18th October 2003 Events P92 Ann Widecombe opens Jenny Clark’s Motorcise Healthy Living Centre
Press Cutting 11th December 2003 School P100 Marldon School holds Nativity Play in new school hall
Press Cutting 7th November 2003 School P99 Marldon School receives glowing Ofsted report

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