Press Cuttings 3

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Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 1995 Village/Parish 39 Torbay Boundary Plans (Hands off our lovely Oasis)
Press Cutting 1996 People 36 Marldon Brownies fundraising for CLIC
Press Cutting 1997 Church 32 Rev Grant Brockhouse 50th birthday
Press Cutting 1998 Torbay Chalet 30 Manor Parcs to close Torbay Holiday Parc (Torbay Chalet Hotel)
Press Cutting 3rd August 1999 Village P1 A Drawing of Marldon in the 18th Century. Ref to Elizabeth Goudge  in Text.
Press Cutting 2000 People 11 Cllr Trevor Pennington
Press Cutting October 2000 School 37 A ‘Beacon School,’ glowing report for Marldon School, Enid Norrington, Katie Hare, Ross Fletcher
Press Cutting 13th November 2001 Letter P2 Letter from D.S. Best re wartime camp at Marldon Cross and secret  bunker near Gallows Gate. Reference to Marldon Home Guard.
Press Cutting 30th March 2002 Local History Group P11 Review of “The World of Elizabeth Goudge” by Sylvia Gower
Press Cutting 12th July 2002 Apple Pie Fair P16 Swords, pies and a road run at Apple Pie Fair. Marldon Primary  School children perform a sword dance at the Apple Pie Fair  opened by Geoffrey Gilbert. The children were prepared for the  dance by Gill Durbridge.
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 13th July 2002 People P17 Martin Lock finds 1772 lottery ticket and 1618 law book when  packing up to move from Marldon
Press Cutting 2002 Crime P18 Gnome prankster exchanges frog for 2 gnomes and a Stone Cat
Press Cutting 6th June 2002 Local History Group P15 MHG’s Golden Jubilee of Elizabeth 2nd Exhibition
Press Cutting 30th May 2002 Local History Group P14 Exhibition of Marldon in the Golden Jubilee Years 1952 – 2002
Press Cutting 12th April 2002 People P12 Death of Harold Mackley
Press Cutting 26th July 2002 Apple Pie Fair P21 Marldon Pantomime Horse Grand National at Apple Pie Fair appeals  for people to play the backend.
Press Cutting 29th March 2002 School P10 School given £10,000 grant towards a £3,000 new Hall, freeing  space for a computer suite and bigger library.
Press Cutting 21st March 2002 People P9 Record Triplets celebrate
Press Cutting 20th March 2002 People P8 Sherry treat for Birthday triplets
Press Cutting 19th March 2002 People P7 Maurice Thomas of Compton plus his two sisters are the oldest  triplets in the world.
Press Cutting 11th March 2002 Local History Group P6 Sylvia Gower to address Marldon Local History Group on her book  about Elizabeth Goudge whose book ‘Green Dolphin Country’, later  a film, was written in Marldon.
Press Cutting 7th March 2002 Local History Group P5 Marldon Local History Group open meeting for talk on Elizabeth  Goudge whose book ‘The Little White Horse’ was  J.K.Rowlings  favourite children’s book .
Press Cutting 4th March 2002 Local History Group P4 Marldon Local History Group to be addressed by Sylvia Gower  Biographer of Elizabeth Goudge
Press Cutting 9th May 2002 Planning P13 Planning victory for Christmas Tree Farmer Hans Schurmann
Press Cutting 10th December 2002 Planning P41 Torbay Council remove Christmas Tree signs after regulation  oversight
Press Cutting 14th September 2002 Social & Sport P32 Marldon Bowling Club raise ú100.00 for Heart Appeal
Press Cutting 14th September 2002 People P33 Memorial service for Sarah Redheffer, Service in Bath led by her  father ,Rev David Prothero, and attended by people from Torquay,  Newton Abbot and Marldon.
Press Cutting 18th September 2002 Planning P34 Occombe Farm. £2000.00 ploughed into plan by Torbay Council for  an organic educational farm to be run by Torbay Countryside  Trust.
Press Cutting 19th September 2002 Planning P35 Occombe Farm. Ambitious plan needs to raise money
Press Cutting 25th September 2002 Crime P36 Thieves strike at Radio Masts. Equipment worth £20,000.00 may  have been stolen

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