Press Cuttings 14

Press Cuttings 1 – 23456789
10 11121314 – 1516171819

Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 14th August 2009 Car accident P399 Collision on Vicarage Hill
Press Cutting 29th July 2009 Apple Pie Fair P400 Totnes Times picture & report
Press Cutting 27th July 2009 Apple Pie Fair P397 Pictures & article
Press Cutting 14th October 2009 People P402 Marldon Tor campsite owner Raff Cooper
Press Cutting 31st October 2009 Sport P403 Marldon’s Peter Avis (tennis)
Press Cutting 3rd November 2009 Compton Castle P404 Article & 2 photos
Press Cutting 16th November 2009 School P405 Children’s Book Week, Kezia Ryan Myles Harrison Freya Munson Sophia Crabb Tia Johnson Harry Risdon Bryd
Press Cutting 9th December 2009 People P407 David Hewings finds silver ring
Press Cutting 23rd June 2009 People P395 Protesters against Ring Road 1988
Press Cutting 20th May 2009 Sport P391 Marldon Bowls Club (2)
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 18th November 2009 Sport P406 Chris Alcock – Egham Trophy
Press Cutting 28th February 2009 Book fiction P384 Marldon’s link to “Moonacre” film
Press Cutting 1st June 2009 South Hams D.C P393 Election candidates
Press Cutting 6th June 2009 Devon C.C P394 Election candidates
Press Cutting 6th January 2009 Christmas tree farm P381 Marldon Christmas Tree Farm recycling
Press Cutting 24h February 2009 Sport P383 Marldon AFC 1969
Press Cutting 1st March 2009 Location P385 Walk with Brian Carter
Press Cutting 16th April 2009 Sport P386 Marldon’s Peter Avis  in Plymouth Junior Open (tennis)
Press Cutting 21st April 2009 People P387 Jason Privett Flexiguide Ltd
Press Cutting 22nd April 2009 Sport P388 Marldon FC Reserves Cup Final
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 28th April 2009 School P389 Maypole Dancing 1986
Press Cutting 6th May 2009 Social P390 M.A.D.C.A.P.S
Press Cutting 30th May 2009 Car accident P392 Marldon woman cut from car
Press Cutting 7th Febrary 2009 Book fiction P382 Moonacre” film based on E Gooudge book Little White Horse
Press Cutting 26th November 2010 Sport P441 Marldon FC under-10’s
Press Cutting 1st October 2010 Apple Pie Fair P435 Donkey Jack dies age 38
Press Cutting 22nd July 2010 Letter P429 Phone mast divisions – Anne Jepson
Press Cutting 22nd July 2010 Apple Pie Fair P430 Replacement donkey found
Press Cutting 31st July 2010 Letter P431 Phone mast – Tony Moore
Press Cutting 19th July 2010 School P428 Head Ruth Sheppard retires
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Press Cutting 6th August 2010 Sport P432 Marldon under-11’s football
Press Cutting 9th August 2010 Road accident P433 Van fire in Westerland
Press Cutting 11th August 2010 Sport P434 Marldon Bowls Club Mixed 4’s tournament
Press Cutting 11th October 2010 School P436 Parking chaos outside school
Press Cutting 12th October 2010 Sport P437 Marldon under-10’s & under-13’s football
Press Cutting 29th October 2010 People P438 Thelma & Gordon Glynn 50th Anniversary
Press Cutting 2nd November 2010 Events P439 Hill Sprint at Wildwoods Farm for Air Ambulance
Press Cutting 22nd December 2010 Sport P444 Marldon Bowls Club member Keith Woolgar
Press Cutting 18th December 2010 Village P443 Occomber House closure
Press Cutting 17th December 2010 Farms & farming P442 Dave Berlyn at Occombe Farm

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