Archive Data 8

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Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph c1950 Church 12 Choir outing to Wells inc Rev & Mrs Green Staddon White(2) Stevens (3) Low Caunter Hill
Photograph 1995 Apple Pie Fair 27 Opener Derek Batey Princess Louise Thompson
Photograph 1978 Apple Pie Fair 16 Jonathan Bond Princess Jackie Chesterfield Alison Cook & Mark Thompson
Photograph 1979 Apple Pie Fair 17 Paula Pearet Openers Terry Hall & Lenny the Lion and Rev. Protheroe
Photograph 1980 Apple Pie Fair 18 Openers The Wurzels & Rev. David Protheroe (2)
Photograph 1982 Apple Pie Fair 19 Opener Danny La Rue Princess Jenny Eveleigh Claire Harrison & Samantha Chidlow
Photograph 1984 Apple Pie Fair 20 Opener John Boulter Princess Joanna Heaselden Susie Davidson Katy Alcock & Alison Cook + Rev Brockhurst Trevor & Kath Pennington
Photograph 1986 Apple Pie Fair 21 Openers Little & Large cut the Pie (2)
Photograph 1988 Apple Pie Fair 22 Good Queen Bess Sir Walter Raleigh” Princess Sian Louise Cox Rachel Hurley Jessica Parffrey & Amanda Holley
Photograph 1988 Apple Pie Fair 23 Past Princesses” K Davey M Rickard J Woodward R Spencer SL Cox J Boon C Jago D Cook K Moriarty
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph Farms/farming 17 Stantor Barton Farm
Photograph 1992 Apple Pie Fair 25 Opener Linda Lusardi
Photograph 1960 Apple Pie Fair 42 Opener Ken Dodd & Donkey (3)
Photograph 1993 Apple Pie Fair 26 Opener Carole Madge Erica Blamey Sadie Pipe Anna McTaggart Kirsty Axford
Photograph 1977 Apple Pie Fair 15 Mark Mortimore Snr & Jnr & Donkey @ Millmans Farm
Photograph 1998 Apple Pie Fair 28 Opener Douglas Mounce Princess Sarah Todd Laura Hill Nicola Pratt
Photograph 2002 Apple Pie Fair 29 Opener Geoffrey Gilbert Princess Joanna Matthews
Photograph 2001 Apple Pie Fair 30 Opener Kenneth Wolstenholme Princess Kathryn Smith Leaman Natasha Heard
Photograph 2003 Apple Pie Fair 31 Opener Ray Rearden Princess Lucie Durbridge
Photograph 2008 Apple Pie Fair 33 Opener Carole Madge Princess Katie Blee + Doug Pulle and Donkey (5)
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph c1960’s Apple Pie Fair 34 W.I ladies inc Queenie Jeffrey
Photograph c1960’s Apple Pie Fair 35 Views (2) inc South Devon Hounds
Photograph c1964 Apple Pie Fair 37 W.I ladies inc Morton-Moncrieff Hiles Ward Connett
Photograph 1968 Apple Pie Fair 38 Various (4) inc J. Boon
Photograph 1963 Apple Pie Fair 39 Opener Thora Hird & Bert Bridgman
Photograph 1930 Farms/farming 4 Peters Farm, Richard and Sarah Jane Stranger, tenants for 50 years until 1934
Photograph 1930 School 20 Early 1930’s Class photograh and Torbay Weekender Press Cutting, Tom Taylor, Olive Baker, Nora Bond, Joan Carter, Jack Plymsol, Peggy Blake, John Hill, Joan Hill, Mona Middleweek, Pat Phare, Leslie Hatherleigh, Pauline Bond, Beryl Lias, Bett Langworthy,
Photograph 1925 School 26 Boys Football Team, names include:- Alfie Loud, Jack Selley, Peter Woster, Jackie, Plymso;, Fred Westaway
Photograph 1930 School 25 Concert in Old School, names include:- John Hill, Alec Moriarty, Joan Hill, Nora Bond, Betty Langworthy, Joan Harris, Kathleen Wills, Olive Baker, Edna Brown, Peggy Moriarty, Beryl Lias
Photograph 1930 School 24 Early 1930’s Older Pupils, Old School No Names
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph 1960 Village/Parish 18 Former Post Office and shop showing Vera and Ben Harvey
Photograph 1954 Apple Pie Fair AC Crowning of the Apple Pie Fair Princess, Rev. Landon, Carole  Fesler, Alan Jordain, Miss Dunthorne (HeadMistress?)
Photograph 1965 Village/Parish 19 Former Toll House and Press Cutting
Photograph Village/Parish 20 Photos of the Old and New Ring Road
Photograph 1910 Village/Parish 21 Marldon Annual Show, Sports and Sheep Shearing
Photograph 1928 School 23 Old School Older Pupils No Names
Photograph 1999 Village/Parish 34 Weekaborough Drive Development
Photograph July 1939 School 21 Older Pupils and Teachers, Harris, Elizabeth Rickard, Miss Coathupe, David Best, Rita Coulton, David Walker, Joan Moysey, Dennis Moysey, Peter Vallance, Arthur Stevens, Ray Bennett
Photograph 1965 Village/Parish 17 Former Post Office and Shop
Photograph 1965 School 19 All pupils and staff at the old School prior to moving

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