Archive Data 11

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Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph ~ ~ ~ Property Sales AC Exterior of Homeleigh Cottage
Photograph 1940 School 12 1940’s Joan Coulthorpe, teacher at old school
Photograph 1956 Farms/farming 16 Harvesting at Stantor Barton
Photograph 1919 People AC Mrs Trevaldwyn, wife of the first Vicar, Son Jack and Daughter  Morwenna*  at the Top Gate of the Old Vicarage. *Now Mrs M.  Lea-Wilson
Photograph c1950 Social & Sport 12 Marldon FC Colts inc Westaway (2) Earland Underhill French Clement Mortimore Maddock Harvey(2) Hill Moysey Bennett Phare
Photograph 1993 Social & Sport 4 Charity Skittles at Church House Inn inc June Spencer (landlord) Farley (2) Douglas Rowcroft rep. Post Eveleigh Lewis
Photograph 1980’s Social & Sport 5 Cricket club inc Casey May Rennels Dodwell Rogers Boad? Pulle Chambers Evans Alcock Jones Biffin Butcher Bowler Douglas Jago
Photograph 1960’s Social & Sport 6 Marldon Spurs FC inc Moysey Harvey Carter Westaway Drew
Photograph 1960’s Social & Sport 7 Marldon Spurs inc Chambers Green Moysey
Photograph c1974 Social & Sport 8 Marldon FC Colts inc Jupp Clark Horn Drew Shaw Charr? Rendell Rennells Hill
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph 1960’s Social & Sport 23 Amateur production no names
Photograph 1960’s Social & Sport 10 Marldon Spurs ladies night inc Moriarty House Moysey(2) Harvey Owen Boon Prowse
Photograph 1991 Social & Sport 1 Charity Skittles at Church House Inn
Photograph 1979 Social & Sport 16 Copy photos (16) various from Peter Fillan
Photograph 1964 Social & Sport 18 Lord Mayor’s Banquet” by W.I inc Milton Ward Mortimore Gustine Rickard
Photograph Social & Sport 19 Fancy dress party date unknown inc Bennett Wills Brockhurst (2) Harvey Moysey White Kimberley Knott
Photograph 1964 Social & Sport 20 Function to welcome Rev. Corbett inc Clark Axford (2) Sharland(2) Rickard(2) Deacon(2) Bromidge(2) Metherell Martin Neil (2) Hayward Culverwell(2) Lodge Puller Carter
Photograph 1950 Social & Sport 21 W.I Drama Group inc LeMesurier Cundy Underhill Pyman Shilston Yates
Photograph People 23 Memorabilia of David Best from 1929-1967 Scouts ATC RAF
Photograph c1950’s Social & Sport 9 Unknown party – no details
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph 1970’s People 35 Marldon Brownies with Father Christmas (Rev Corbett)
Photograph c1950 People 25 Furzegood Gang inc Stevens Eales Underhill Allen Bennett Moysey Hill Whittle
Photograph 1960’s People 26 Jim Stevens Master craftsman builder etc
Photograph c1930 People 27 Frank Hill Alf Heath (?) Stanley Stranger
Photograph c1937 People 30 FR Hill Haulier” Lorry & staff in Ipplepen Road Quarry inc F Hill son Wm Low Staddon Hill Davey
Photograph l916 People 31 Trevaldwyn family 1916-1925 inc Mrs T, Gerald Hollick, Jack, Morwenna + Elsie Johns (13)
Photograph 1950’s People 32 E Goudge & Jessie Monroe at Rose Cottage (3)
Photograph c1960 Social & Sport 3 Trophies on display no names
Photograph 1960’s People 34 A helping hand at the Church House Inn (2) no names
Photograph 1991 Social & Sport 2 Charity Skittles at Church House
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph c1950 People 37 Schoolboys Brian Passmore & Edward Joinson
Photograph 1958 People 39 Schoolchildren at Marldon X Hill inc Moule Ewing (2) King Eleanor? Cook Whittle
Photograph People 40 Fancy dress Old Village Hall ? no names
Photograph 1950’s People 41 Memorabilia of Betty Bromidge  family/schoo photos + Note
Photograph 1960’s People 42 Jack Plymsol Thatcher The Cottage Village Rd
Photograph 1960’s Social & Sport 24 Amateur production no names
Photograph 1980’s People 33 Parish Council Chairman John Winsor
Photograph Locations 26 Copy photos from Tqy Museum various locations
Photograph Compton Castle 7 Enlargement of North Front
Photograph 1891 Compton Castle 8 Ivy covered Ruins (2 Photos)