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Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph 1965 School 18 Teacher and Pupils at the Old School, Cynthia Wilson, Christine Rendle, Christabel Ewing, Gillian Kemp, Dawn Stanniland, Mark Harris, Marion Rickard, Stuart Peplow, Susan Whittle, Janet Rundle, Simon King, Mark Chipperfield, Sharon Cooke, Susan Jam,es, L
Photograph 1950 School 17 Early 1950’s Sportsday presentations on the Meadow, john Wills, Mr. Harris, Mrs Harvey
Photograph 18th October 1965 School 14 Tree Planting ceremony at Opening of New School, Miss Dunthorne, Rev. John Corbett, Tom Stevens, Michael Moore, Jacqueline Boon
Photograph 2003 Village/Parish 24 Seat at Junction of Marldon Cross Hill and West View for Mr Harold Macklin
Photograph 1964 Village/Parish 26 East Down, Preston Down Road
Photograph 1960 Village/Parish 27 Shorton Windmill, Marldon Road
Photograph Village/Parish 30 Aerial view of Love Lane Farm
Photograph 1972 Village/Parish 32 Love Lane Close Houses building work 1972/3
Photograph 1930 Farms/farming 6 Peters Farm Phillip Bawden with horse
Photograph 1928 School 22 School Play, ‘Ali Baba’ Surnames include:- Plymsol, Wills, Bond, Trevassey, Collins,Blake, Moriarty, Coker, Hill, Bond, Collins, Westaway, Selley, Lovo, Langworthy, Dennis
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph 1880 Village/Parish 9 Village Road, Ipplepen Road junction (Original Photo in Church House Inn)
Photograph 1960 School 38 Early 1960 Class Photo, Sylvia Rouse, Wendy Harvey, Gareth Rendall, Stafford Low, John Cornell, Carole Fesler, Margaret Rouse, Jane Staddon,
Photograph 1960 School 39 Inter School Sports Day at Queens Park, Paignton, Angela Miles, Ann Jordain, Maureen Stevens
Photograph 1980 School 41 Maypole Dancing, no names
Photograph School 42 4 photographs from 1959 and 1976, names include, Prowse, Moore, Boon, Smith, Whittle, Woodward, Buscombe, Terry, Jeffries, Mabin, Veasey, Phillips, Moule, Stanniland, Moore, Lowe
Photograph 1968 School 45 Four photographs of Children in class and at play
Photograph 1943 School 46 Nativity Play, Surnames:- Maddock, Carter, Squires, Moysey, Harvey, Frank, Low, White, Bennett, Hatterley, Kimberley, Wills, Johns
Photograph 1925 School 47 Old School Pupils, Alfie Loud, Jackie Selley, Peter Wooster, Jackie Plymsol, Fred Westaway
Photograph 1900 Village/Parish 1 1900 – 1905 Cottage on Village Road, one with unknown family
Photograph 1930 Village/Parish 2 Former Toll House? Now Singmore House at Five Lanes junction
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph 2006 Village/Parish 3 Demolition of Oak Cottage, a number of photographs at various stages of demolition
Photograph 1928 School 27 Christmas Concert Old School:- Loud, Coker, Bond, Selley, Moriarty, Carter, Heath, Westaway, Wills, Hill, Gofss
Photograph 1860 Village/Parish 7 Village Hall corner with Notes
Photograph 1933 School 28 1933/35 Christmas Concert at Old School
Photograph 2002 Village/Parish 10 Changing entrance to Land at junction of Kiln Road , Ipplepen Road and Village Road (Mr and Mrs Emery
Photograph 1980 Village/Parish 11 Buses in Marldon and Compton
Photograph 1974 Village/Parish 13 Tree planting on Old Ring Road, Sharland, Ward, Brockhurst and a group of Brownies
Photograph 1959 School 34 Pupils at the Old School, known names are:- Kathleen Moriarty, Trish Moriarty, Debbie Cooke
Photograph 1940 School 33 1940’s play at the Old School, Ronald Counter, Milly Wills, Raymond Goss, Esther Webber, Arthur Bennett, Sylvia Mortimer, Susie Maddocks, Louis Goss, June Harris, Tom Wills, Elizabeth Rickard, Bill Prowse
Photograph 1958 School 32 Pupils with Teacher at the Old School, names include:- Hingston, Whittle, Wooster, Joinson, Moore, Axford, Boon, Coulton, Hayley, Veasey, Stevens, Prowse, Westaway, Boscombe, Wills, Mortimer, Gerry, Todd, Irving, Goss, Mole, Maddocks, Hill, Gower, Mrs. R
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph 1936 School 30 Class Photo:- Mortimer, Rickard, Colthorpe, Moysey, Cornish, Webber, Wills, Phare, Prowse, Counter, Best
Photograph 1950 School 29 Early 1950’s Nativity Play, No Names
Photograph 1900 Village/Parish 16 Former Post Office adjoining Church House inn , witth two Ladies one possibly Mrs Youlden
Photograph 1960 Village/Parish 38 Butterlake, Church House Inn, Church
Photograph 2000 Village/Parish 4 Lime Kiln at Hazelhurst Farm?
Photograph 1930 Farms/farming 5 Peters Farm, Richard Stranger
Photograph School 7 Aerial View of new School
Photograph 1967 School 6 Miss Dunthorne and Pupils
Photograph 1978 Torbay Chalet 18 Various photographs of the Green Godess fire engines stationed at Torbay Chalet during the Fireman’s strike
Photograph Torbay Chalet 26 Colour photographs just before housing development at Churscombe Green (Torbay Chalet making way for the Westerlands (Brockhurst Park)