Archive Data 10

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Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph Torbay Chalet 27 Aerial photo of Torbay Chalet Hotel before housing development
Photograph Torbay Chalet 28 Aerial View
Photograph 2000 Torbay Chalet 29 Development gets under way
Photograph Farms/farming 1 Bill Peperell, Peters Farm
Photograph 1917 Farms/farming 2 Peters Farm, Correspondence, notes, photographs taken between 1917 and 1932, draft memoir, Basil Sutcliffe (Richard and Sarah Jane Stranger, Elizabeth (Betty) stranger
Photograph Village/Parish 33 re roofing National Trust Barn
Photograph School 35 Two Photographs of School play Late 1930’s early 40’s Surnames:- Coulton, Cooper, Bawden, Wills, Rickard, Prowse, (Prouse), Vallance, Counter, Mortimore, Roberts, Staddon, Coleridge, Webber, Harris, Bennett, Best
Photograph 1960 School 11 Late 1960 Photograph in the library, Trisha Moriarty, Janet Axford, Edward Joinson,David Ewing
Photograph 1965 Torbay Chalet 13 Torbay Chalet float at Paignton Carnival
Photograph 1930 Farms/farming 7 Peters Farm, possibly Phillip Bawden at junction of Kiln Road and Ipplepen Road
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph Farms/farming 8 Peters Farm , mowing
Photograph 1930 Farms/farming 9 Peters Farm, Orchard
Photograph 1930 Farms/farming 10 Peters Farm, haymaking
Photograph 1930 Farms/farming 11 Peters Farm, Kitchen
Photograph 1930 Farms/farming 12 View of Peters Farm from what is now Tor Field
Photograph August 1946 Farms/farming 13 Palk Family, first harvest at Blagdon Farm of Jack Palk
Photograph 1948 Farms/farming 14 Frank Palk at Marldon Show, taken at Singmore Road field with Prince
Photograph 1956 Farms/farming 15 Frank Palk, Marldon Farmers win 7 out of 9 show cups
Photograph Farms/farming 3 Peters Farm, Richard Stanley Stranger
Photograph ~ ~ ~ Property Sales AC Interior of Homeleigh Cottage
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph November 2006 Village/Parish 40 Field House/Tor Field, rebuilding of collapsed wall
Photograph 1960 Village/Parish 41 Early 1960’s development Parkfield Close/Millmans Road
Photograph 1960 Village/Parish 42 Early housing development Old Village Centre Pembroke Park
Photograph 1990 Village/Parish 43 Road Layout at Five Lanes Roundabout
Photograph 1970 Village/Parish 44 Junction Churscombe Cross Road Layout
Photograph 1991 Village/Parish 46 New Village Hall  four photos
Photograph Torbay Chalet 1 Downderry Kennels, showing Old English Sheepdogs bred by two sisters before it became Torbay Chalet Hotel
Photograph 1953 Apple Pie Fair AC The Apple Pie Fair Float
Photograph 1950 Torbay Chalet 2 Aerial view showing Cox’s Garage and Ship Inn, Churscombe Road and Green before it became a holiday camp
Photograph ~ ~ ~ Events AC Village outing (Original supplied by Mrs M. Lea-Wilson, daughter  of the first Vicar, Sitting next to the driver)
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph 1980 School 8 Three photographs of Keith Jones and Gwen Pulle leading the school children to Church
Photograph c1950’s Apple Pie Fair 48 Bowling for the Pig + 1 no names
Photograph 1982 School 9 Older Pupils in the New School, surnames include:- Powling, Warren, Slade, Bright, Skedgell, Henniker, Jones, Prothero, Goddard, Pulle, Silcock, Knapman, Peart, Staddoin, Brown, Wallington, Thompson, Wilson, Glynn, Duffin, Greek, Allcroft.
Photograph c1900 Church 29 Pre-WW1 (no clock) Note continuous wall with gate by lychgate
Photograph ~ ~ ~ Property Sales AC Interior of Homeleigh Cottage
Photograph 1950 Torbay Chalet 3 1950/1960 brochure for Torbay Chalet Hotel
Photograph 1950 Torbay Chalet 4 Staff in the 1950’s including Mr and Mrs Bastwick, Betty Coaker, Peggy Blake and Laura King
Photograph 1950 Torbay Chalet 5 Staff group photo probably 1950’s including Mrs Rundle nee Vi Whittle
Photograph Torbay Chalet 9 Fund raising event for Guide Dogs for the Blind Assoc.
Photograph Torbay Chalet 10 Front entrance to Holiday Camp

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