Archive Data 7

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Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph 1953 Events 4 W I participants in Coronation Pageant at Compton Castle – Bovil, Le Mesurier, Connet,   Richards, White, Manley, Rickard, Woolacott, P, Gove, J, Jeffery, Warn, Narramore, Holman, Ewing, Shilston, Harris, Silver, Garbet.
Photograph 1953 Events 5 Celebration Supper for Coronation Pageant –   Jeffery, Gove, Crawshay, Eales, Arnold, Jeffs, Gilbert, White, Garbutt, Pyeman, Shilston, Warn, Manley, Thomas, Wollacott, Jordain, Narramore, Milton, Pennell, Le Mesrier, Holman
Photograph 1949 Events AC Marldon Carnival Parade, probably taken at the junction of  Furzegood and Marldon Cross Hill. The Man in the cap and the lady  in front of him are Edgar and Eva Connett, Grandparents of  Carole Fesler
Photograph 1945 Events 7 VE Day Celebrations outside Old Village Hall – Many names attached.
Photograph 1979 Events 19 Opening of the Meadow  (Wrong spelling on Plaque !!)
Photograph 2002 Events 9 Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee Exhibition
Photograph 1928 Events 10 Marldon Show Committee –  Bennett, Heath, Mudge, Brown, Harvey, Furze, Trevaldwyn, French, Selley, Bridgeman, Wills, Seaward, Harris, Stranger, Mudge, White
Photograph 1953 Events 11 Coronation Day Celebrations on the Meadow – Alistair Ewing
Photograph Events 12 Late 1940’s – Baptist Chapel Compton Sunday School Outing – 2 Photos,   Carter, Wills, Moysey, Laidman, Parkhouse, Hatherley, Kimberley, May, Rouse
Photograph 1975 Apple Pie Fair 14 Opener Ronnie Corbett with Carmen Hayward Jason Parnell & Mark Edwards
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph Events 14 Fancy Dress Competition on the Meadow – Adults and Children but no date.
Photograph 1995 Events 15 VE Day Golden Anniversary Celebrations. Tor Cottage, Ipplepen Rd.
Photograph 1945 Events 16 VE Day Celebrations – Many Names attached.
Photograph 1939 Events 17 Opening of 1st. Village Hall
Photograph 1951 Events 18 Christmas Party at Village Hall –   1951/52??
Photograph 1948 Events 6 Village Day Parade – Names on Photo
Photograph 1990 Church 14 Ordination of Andrew Dangerfield of Marldon with Revds Corbett Protheroe Brockhouse
Photograph 1989 Apple Pie Fair 24 Bowling Club stall (x3) inc Opener Les Dawson
Photograph 1959 Apple Pie Fair 43 Potato Queen” Lovelane Farm May Mitchell Kath Knight + 7
Photograph 1959 Apple Pie Fair 44 Princess Kathleen Moriarty Colin Axford Paul Stevens
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph 1959 Apple Pie Fair 45 Parade at old Village Hall
Photograph ~ ~ ~ Village AC
Photograph 1955 Apple Pie Fair 47 Tossing the sheaf Fair Day no names
Photograph 1906 Church 3 Choir inc Archer Wills(6) Langworthy (4) Fair (Phare?)(3) Tatum Neck Melhuish Rendell Ellis
Photograph 1942 Church 4 Choir (part mostly female) Cooper Webber Burley Wills Stevens Turner Coulton White
Photograph c1951 Church 5 Choir inc Rendell Miles Bridgman Rev Landon (1951-1964) Lowe Stevens Jordain(3) Harris Lias(2)Staddon(2) Palfrey Fester
Photograph c1884 Church 7 Exterior view during Restoration 1884-1889 Walter Bradnee
Photograph ~ ~ ~ Village AC Marldon from Village Road
Photograph 1946 Church 13 Vicars Green Landon Corbett Bellenes
Photograph 1961 Apple Pie Fair 40 Parade/crowds outside old Village Hall
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Photograph 2003 Church 15 Royal Coat of Arms of William IV and historical note
Photograph ~ ~ ~ Village AC
Photograph 1952 Church 19 Bellringers 11952 &1969 inc Heath (2) Westaway (2) Low Tucker Ward Mortimore Rickard Staddon Moriarty Tetlow Philips Bowden
Photograph 1970 Church 20 Rehanging new bell
Photograph 2002 Church 21 Note on muffled peal for Queen Mother
Photograph c1930 Church 25 View from field behind Churchyard with horses
Photograph ~ ~ ~ Village AC
Photograph c1930 Church 26 The Vicarage and long view of Church
Photograph 1970 Church 27 Rehanging of old bells and installation of new bell
Photograph 1941 Church 28 Official Guidebooks 1941 1951 1975(2) 1996(4)

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