Archive Data 1

Archive Data 1 –   2  – 3  – 4  – 5  – 6  – 7  – 8 – 9  – 10  – 11 –  12 –  13 –  14 –  15
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Article 1988 Council Parish 4 Invoices for ‘Doing Shelters (bus)R Blake Furzegood
Article School 1 Brief Historical Notes
Article 1986 Council SHDC 5 Parish Boundary Changes
Article Council Parish 3 Parish Council Papers – list of buildings with architectural or Historic interest
Article Council Parish 2 Installation of Flood Light to Marldon Parish War Memorial (church clock)
Article Council Parish 1 Report on Parish Council papers
Article 1962 Events 13 Note + e-mails re:- shooting incident at Love Lane House involving June Batten & Clifford Avery.
Article 2007 Apple Pie Fair 32 Herald Express “Bygones” for 50th Anniversary
Article 1960 Apple Pie Fair 41 Sandra Windeatt Torbay Chalet e-mail
Article 2000 Church 17 Historical notes on Church and Vicars
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Transcript 1944 Wartime 7 Reports of Torbay Air Raids Comm – bombs on Marldon
Transcript 1803 People 46 Abstract of Returns for Maintenance of the Poor for Marldon 1803
Transcript 1982 Village AC A series of articles published in the Parish Magazine giving  accounts of Village life during the 2nd World War.
Transcript 1792 People 48 Entry at The King’s Silver Office by J Bridgman and M German to land & cottage at Marldon & Marldon Torr also refers to A
Transcript 1965 Village/Parish 71 List by Miss Dunthorne “Wild Flowers”
Transcript 1825 Public Houses 13 Victuallers Recognizances by T Bridgman C Archer & J Jeffery of Church House Inn& Old Smokey
Transcript 1582 Compton Castle 24 Copy Will of Humphrey Gilbert + historical notes
Transcript ~ ~ ~ War Time AC Copies of the original reports of the Torbay Air Raid Precautions  Joint Committee giving details of bombs landing in Marldon.
Transcript ~ ~ ~ Village AC An account of the Ironfoundry from the Marldon Women’s Institute.
Transcript ~ ~ ~ Village AC Notes from ‘Brock’s Tapes’ by Peter Fillan, memories of people  and places.
Type Date Month Year Index Code Content
Transcript 1957 Village AC Memories of Village life recorded in conversation between Mrs.  Shepherd, Mr Bridgman and Mr Rendell. Recalling the Ironfoundry  in Compton, Compton Castle, Apple Pie Day, Lime Kilns, School and  Village life.
Transcript ~ ~ ~ Village AC A personal story of life in the Village by Mrs Ward
Transcript 1686 People 45 Hearth Tax Certificate for home of John Tomlyn in Westerland Marldon
Transcriipt 1654 Church 6 Will of Sir Edward Cary and of tombstone inscription
Publications 1911 Public Houses 1 Buisiness card from Mr WA Burring of Marldon Bakery ( no part of Church House Inn)


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