…….. Are we nearly there, Dad? ……
…….. Well son, Mr. Johnson says we are ……

Well, dear readers, he may well be right. In the last weeks restrictions prevented Village, Halls, Community Centres resuming “normal service” have been lifted. Although the notice was short, it enabled the History Group to hold its Annual General Meeting on the date nearest to it’s formation, which some Members will remember as “ 9/11.” It also meant that the preparation of Posters to be put on the Village Notice Boards did not go on the Boards as early as we would normally like. Records needed to be compiled and kept of all who attended and kept (The Group owes its thanks to our Secretary and Committee Member Julie in this respect.
Last minute arrangements needed to be made with our Guest Speaker, Dr. Todd Grey from Exeter University, who gave us a very informative and amusing talk about what may seem a strange subject – “UNCLE TOM COBLEY & ALL- THE DEVON BALLAD THAT CONQUERED THE WORLD”. The talk was amply illustrated and a bonus was several versions of the song sung by a colleague. All in all, a very enjoyable evening. After the Guest Speaker, Coffee and biscuits ( Free) were available. The Meeting ended when a large number of the audience drifted away, before presumably having forgotten in their (nearly) two year absence about the remainder of the Agenda which was the AGM !

Our empty Village Hall!

Two items which by good fortune can now be included in this Report due to the “mishap” at the end of the Meeting. The first is that the Group has the distinction (if that be the right word) of being the first to use the Hall on its the re-opening, and the second is we now have the opportunity to announce the retirement of two founder Members of the Group. Both have done a tremendous amount of works, especially outside on the Parish footpaths. They are Ray Bond and Barry Heaselden and are retiring for reasons of ill-health. We thank then for all they have done, and wish them well .


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