August 2021

Sadly there is no Chairman’s report for August as I am led to believe Tony is having issues with his computer once again!

Firstly, with Covid restrictions having mainly been lifted, I would like to remind everyone that we are hoping that our next Social Evening/AGM will be going ahead on:
Friday September 10th at 7:30pm ..
when our guest speaker will be:
Dr Todd Gray with an illustrated talk about “The Devon ballad that conquered the world: Uncle Tom Cobley & All” .. a topic chosen by the speaker, so you can be certain it will be a good one!
(a letter will be going out to all members soon)

However, as I’m sure there are some readers here who do not get to see the excellent monthly Parish Magazine, I am going to post a small section of it here for all to see.

“With the August edition of the Parish Magazine now out I feel that I must remind readers of a now annual event taking place on 03 September .. Merchant Navy Daywhen our Parish Church will proudly once again be flying the Red Ensign from the top of the tower, and with the date being so close to the beginning of the month I’m sure it will have passed before many readers have seen their September magazine, hence the early mention!
In 2021 the ‘special’ day falls on a Friday and is also the day before the re-arranged Apple Pie Fair on Saturday 4th. So this year we will be able to keep flying the Red Ensign over the Church, the Village and the Apple Pie Fair  for slightly longer than usual – and if you hear any visitor on Jubilee Meadow asking why a different flag is flying so proudly – tell them it is the Red Ensign, the flag of our British Merchant Navy. It is our flag, it belongs to the United Kingdom and we should always be proud to fly it. Our Merchant fleet may now be small, but those who have served it over so many years, in conflict and in peace, deserve our thanks. We must never forget them.”


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