Just for a change, the first Report of 2021 is not being made by our Chairman, but by me, the Secretary!

The year does seem to have kicked-off in a more positive way regarding the Covid virus, and at the time of writing I guess many of our Members will already have had their initial anti-virus jab. I am still waiting to hear when mine will be due, but being in the Group Five category it would seem the end of February is the most likely time.
Currently our first Open Meeting of the year is scheduled for March 5th, but that is really not looking viable now and although I have not yet cancelled it, the prospect of it going ahead is virtually nil. It is sad as I was so pleased to have got some great speakers with interesting topics booked well ahead; as is so necessary now as demand outstrips supply, only to now be cancelling them one by one due to the Covid restrictions. However, I will be re-booking Robert Hesketh for March 2023, so do please stick with us!

Robert Hesketh chats with our Chairman at a past meeting.

Nothing much else for me to report on, but I am sure you will all join me in wishing Alan and Joyce Podger well for the future, as they are very shortly leaving the Village of Marldon and moving down into Preston. Both have been staunch supporters of our MLHG (along with other village groups too), and I hope they will continue to attend our meetings in the future, once we are up and running again. In fact, they must carry on with their memberships, as only Alan knows the recipe for his famous Mulled Wine, always served and enjoyed by all at our Christmas Open Meetings!

Stay safe everyone.

Derek Hore .. Secretary/Treasurer


  1. Thank you for your updates much appreciated!

    I just watched a Channel 5 programme on The Great Plague of 1665. Somewhat relevant at these times.

    It got me wondering whether you had any evidence of the village of Marldon suffering from the Plague at that time?

    All the best

    Stephen Fox stephen_fox@btinternet.com 07710191033



    1. Thank you Stephen – I will have to ask our Chairman if we have any info on that, I’ll get back to you.


    2. From Chairman Tony:
      “Hello Stephen,
      Thanks for your comments about our piece on the plague and Marldon. In my research for the piece I did not come across many references to other villages affected, and none this far West.
      As you may recall, the general consensus was that Ports which traded with London were the most likely carriers for the disease.


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