MARCH 2021

It seems an awfully long time since our Editor and his faithful team of helpers produced the December/January edition of our Magazine, a bumper edition well worth waiting for.    The downside was the sad news of the passing of a few more of our long-standing Members and friends.

On a more optimistic note, dare we hope that there is glimmer of light at the end of the Covid tunnel?   It certainly seems so, thanks to the magnificent work done by the scientists, the companies making the vaccine (in this country) their staff, and all the volunteers at every stage of the process.   I have mentioned in a previous report that because of various “lockdowns, self-isolating, Bubbles, and a multitude of “Do’s and don’ts” relating to Village Halls and Community Centres, the Group has been unable to hold any Meetings of any sort.   However, it has meant that I can “sort out” a large amount of memorabilia and other material and books, and all sorts of items and objects which have had a life and use in past Village life.   Our Archive contains thousands of items   relating to all aspects of the Parish including the Church, the School, Apple Pie Fair, Compton and the Castle, Sport & Social, and various categories.   One day we may have a display of little-seen items.

Our Archive, which is located in the bowels of the Village Hall, includes large ring-binder files relating to the categories listed above.   There are 30 plus files, each containing about 60 plus plastic “pouches”.   Each pouch contains a brief summary of the contents.


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