Frank Palk – 94 Years Young!


Frank was born on 14th January 1926 in Avonwick, but moved shortly afterwards to Tedburn St Mary. At the age of 13 Frank’s Father became ill so Frank left school to work on the farm and learnt to drive a tractor.
In 1942 the Family moved to Cockington where Frank worked as a farm labourer and on his second day he was tasked with ploughing a 12 acre field at Ash Barton – using a horse drawn plough.
In December 1944 at the age of 17 he heard on the grapevine that Stantor Barton’s tenant was quitting and the farm was going to be let, so he went straight to the Estate Office in Cockington and saw the boss man in the office, and before his 18th birthday a message came from him to call in, and he said to Frank: “I’ve decided that I’ve left the farm to you if you’re interested.” The Family moved in on the 29th September 1945, and the rest as they say, is history.
Since they moved there, they’ve bought it, put in mains water, dug most of the trenches by hand from Gallows Gate to Stantor, and put in electricity in 1954. They’ve also modernised the cottages, got them on mainstream, there’s three cottages there, and a few years ago Frank did a barn conversion where he lives now, leaving the farming to his son Andrew – but always keeping a watchful eye on things.
Frank has also been a member of the Parish Council for many years, and also supported both the Local History Group and the Gardening Club in so many ways.

He is a true ‘local’ and perfect gentleman to boot, and I am sure every resident in the Parish will join in to say “Many Happy Returns of the day Frank – 94 years young!

  • Frank with another bumper crop!
  • Frank Palk
  • Frank with his son Andrew (l) and his grandson George (r)
  • Frank and one of his prize bulls
  • Frank in his role as Parish Councillor, supporting the organisers of the Village '20-is-Plenty' movement
  • 1st prize at the annual Gardening Club show again


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