I have said many times before in the introduction to my Report that the most difficult part is how to start.   In most years, there are any number of incidents, accidents, good news stories, local and national.   When a colleague on the Parish Magazine team recently said  “Your next month’s report will be dated February 2021”,  my thoughts were about a good result for Brexit, and an even better result for the Coronavirus vaccine, so that we can all get back to something like normal!  

There – Hopefully, that’s the last time I have to mention that word!    Onto a different subject – each year, as our Group and its Membership grow older, we lose a few long standing Members. I won’t risk making you morbid by making a list, but there are a lot of familiar names there many were long-standing members of our Group, others familiar to most of us.  There are tributes to two ladies, both familiar as part of our Village life, in this month’s Parish Magazine.

As mentioned earlier, my next Chairman’s Report will be out on February 1st 2021, so this is as good a place as any to wish all the Members of our History Group as well as all those who regularly read the HISTORY GROUP website (Marldonlocalhistory, a very happy Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year.



  1. Dear Tony & Derek . Thank you for sending your reports during the year let’s just hope that that we can get on top of COVID and get back to having our meetings again that I always enjoy , MayI wish both of you and to all the support members in your group A VERRY HAPPY CHRISTMAS .

    BEST WISHES. Regards.

    Bryan Salsbury


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    1. Thank you Bryan – very much appreciated. All the very best to you, and keep flying the flag!
      Best wishes
      Derek and Tony.


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