TORFIELD PLAY PARK .. Crowdfunding Appeal


We have been asked to post this on behalf of Marldon Parish Council.

‘We wanted to let you know that we, Marldon Parish Council, have started a crowdfunding project for which we are aiming to raise £80,000. It would be wonderful if you could donate using the link below to access the project page.
Any contribution large or small will be hugely appreciated.
Alternatively, you could sponsor a piece of equipment – our Parish Council Website will have a bespoke Fundraising Page available next week.

Thank you all for your messages of support…..please keep them coming.’


Making Marldon Marvellous


  1. what is wrong with the existing play park that can’t be put right?

    It was working fine pre COVID-19

    It is greatly missed.


    1. Covid-19 had nothing to do with it .. the play park was condemned under Health and Safety rules, before the Covid-19 struck, as being dangerous & unsafe. Apart from the small roundabout and some links for the swings, nothing has been done to the equipment for many years. To upgrade it instead of continually trying to repair broken/condemned parts is far more sensible and economic in the long run. The frame for the swings is in danger of rusting through and breaking under any weight imminently.
      Hopefully work on the new area and equipment will be starting very soon 🙂
      If you have queries or comments – address them to the Parish Clerk who will be able to answer better than I can .. I base my comments from PC meetings and their minutes.

      Derek .. Secretary


  2. I thought Linden Homes had to pay a contribution to the ‘play provision’ in Marldon after the development of MoorView? What happened to that money?


    1. You are referring to S106 money which is available for use within the Village to benefit people of all ages, not just one specific group.
      If you visit the Parish Council website and read the minutes from the last couple of ‘virtual’ meetings, you will see that this S106 money has been discussed and will partly be used. …

      Derek .. Secretary


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