Simon Dell

It’s been another quiet period for the History Group, though our Secretary has really been cranking up the interest on Social Media by posting many assorted photographs on our Group Facebook page. All these photos come from our large group archives and consist of varying images, many involving unknown people. I say unknown, once they have appeared online it is amazing how many people seem to recognise their Great-Grandad or Grandma in a photo, or workmates that their Mum and Dad used to work with. Social Media does have its benefits and we have managed to put names to many faces now, along with identifying where and perhaps when some of the photographs were taken.
So, if you use the internet, checkout our MLHG Facebook page, you may spot a long lost friend or relative that you can recognise!

Find it here:

Finally for this month, another reminder about our next open Group open meeting on Friday 09th September (AGM) entitled “The Fair Arm Of The Law”. This will be an illustrated and humorous talk by former Police Officer Simon Dell. The meeting starts at 7.30pm. The talk is free to all Group Members, and just £2.00 to non-members. It promises to be an arresting evening!
This will also be the evening where members can renew their membership for another year – and visitors can join up!!

Stay safe everyone.

Derek .. MLHG Chair

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  1. I would be very interested in the history of two locations which feature in my family history: Lovelane farm and Church House Inn. If there is also any information on the former Peter’s tenement buildings, I would really like to know. My family links are Highmore, Eales, and Brown.


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