Greetings once again to our online Members and former members, not forgetting those who read our Parish magazine, in which this monthly report also appears.
Thanks to all of you.

For reasons which you are probably only too aware of, it is becoming more difficult each month to find items which may be of interest and/or relevant to our Group. I’m sure we have all had our fill of the “c-v” subject, but unfortunately it affects not only what the individual groups and organisations who use the Village Hall can do, not only now but in the foreseeable future, and the short answer unfortunately is “not much, and not yet”!

Although there is little outward sign of movement or action by the parties involved, this is not surprising when you look into what steps have to be taken before you can take the next step. According to the official Government guidance, Village Halls are a “multi-use community facility” and, as such, are vulnerable to the spread of the virus. Their “Managers” (i.e the Village Hall Council) have discretion over when they consider it safe to open for any activity, but this will include obtaining a Covid-19 risk assessment and any other measures required by any other legislation or authority (e.g Devon County Council, South Hams District Council and the Government).

The Village Hall Council has already written to all regular users of the Hall accordingly. The user’s feedback is essential to enable the VHC to comply with the above requirements. The Parish Council is working closely with Devon CC and South Hams DC, and is now holding it’s regular Meetings as “Virtual Meetings” via video (Zoom) and telephone links, which are available to the public. The minutes of the Virtual Meeting are available on the Parish Council website.

The bad news for our Members, and members of other regular Hall users, is that with regard to our regular Meetings and activities, it is unlikely that there will be any news until the New Year at the earliest. We will be writing to our Members shortly with more details.

Tony Chidlow .. Chairman
Derek Hore .. Secretary & Treasurer

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