JULY 2020

Greetings to all of our Members, former members and readers of our MLHG website , and we hope that you are coping with the “lockdown” situation, which affects us all to some degree. Unfortunately it seems that the “social distancing” guidelines will be with us for some time, although there is a possibility that the two metre distance will be reduced in the near future. This is the issue that affects our Group and other Groups who use the Village Hall regularly, and until it is reduced or removed, it seems that the resumption of the meetings and activities as we know them now, and which provide a large proportion of the Hall’s income, will not be feasible for some time.

Marldon Village Hall

As far as our Group is concerned, our position is still as referred to in our last few lockdown and other rules are changed. These not only affect our Group, but also the Village Hall Committee and the Parish Council. Our Members will be kept informed of any developments.

The History Section of the Devonshire Association, which monitors the local and national situation regarding the re-opening of Village and Parish Halls, school rooms, theatres and other places hired by groups such as ours, has decided that in all the circumstances all events organised by the Association will be suspended until the end of 2020. I should emphasise that the Association organises many events for it’s different Sections throughout the County and throughout the year, and that this decision only applies to those events. Individual events organised by local Village Halls etc are not affected.

However, there are a few signs that a small move towards normality is happening in our Village – eg some children, in reduced numbers, are attending School, as are the pre-School children. Also, for the many gentlemen whose hair is looking like it did in the 60’s/70’s, (!!) the lovely Lesley is opening for business at the Cut of Class Salon (hopefully) on 4th July. All the details are on the Notices on the Salon door, including the need to make an appointment. Have a look the next time you go up to the shops. It only remains for me to remind you, if you need reminding, and for all our sakes, to follow the rules and guidelines, and stay at home as much as possible.
Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Tony Chidlow .. Chairman

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  1. Hi Tony, Greetings from Illinois, USA. We had planned to visit Devon this month and hoped to see you and Sylvia while we were staying at Bulleigh Barton Manor. Obviously the pandemic has changed the best laid plans for all of us. Hopefully, we will be able to come next year. Meanwhile, stay safe and be well. G.


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