JUNE 2017

I wrote in last month’s Magazine about the “sorting-out” of our Archive material which the Group is now undertaking in our new space within the Village Hall, and how you find things which, although you hadn’t forgotten about them, you just did not know where they were !   Another example has come to light, relating to my chance meeting in our Church (four years ago this month) with a gentleman visitor from America.    The reason I went down to the Church escapes me, but it was during the day and there was no-one in the Church, or so I thought!

As I opened the door in the little vestibule behind the main Church door, and walked into the Church, a tall thin man, who had been standing behind the door, stepped forward behind me and touched me on the shoulder!    Well, I nearly ended up in the Font with another heart attack!     After much apologising, we sat down in the nearest pews, and when normal conversation resumed he told me that he was from Brooklyn, New York, his surname was Gilbert, and he was travelling in the footsteps of his Grandfather (Allan Gilbert), who came to Devon in the early 1930’s, presumably to see Marldon and Compton Castle, and who kept a “travelogue” of his journey.

Mr. Gilbert later sent me a copy of the parts of the “travelogue” relating to his Grandfather’s time in the Parish, and it contains many interesting references to our Church, Compton Castle and also Berry Pomeroy.  So interesting in fact that we shall be publishing it as a separate article in next month’s Magazine, together with some interesting information about Mr. Gilbert’s ancestors, who he has confirmed after much research, are not connected to the Gilberts of Compton Castle.

One of the benefits of the Magazine now coming out on the 1st of the month is that we shall be able to give you information about our quarterly Open

Meetings in advance and closer to the date, our Open Meetings always being held on the 2nd Friday of March, June, September and December.   So it is with this month, our June Open Meeting being on FRIDAY, 9th JUNE, 7.30 in the Village Hall, when our Speaking will be Colin Vosper, who spoke to us a few years ago and who was well received.   His talk this time will be “Maritime Shortcuts”, which is about the history of canals in the West Country, including the Grand Western Canal and the Bude Canal.   Colin will also be telling us a little about the Suez and the Panama, which have recently celebrated the opening of extensive improvements of the widening and deepening of these world famous waterways.   Also, as the next big event in the village is the Apple Pie Fair, we shall have a display of old photos of “Apple Pie Fairs of Yesteryear”.    May we take the opportunity of reminding you that the organisers of the Fair, as always, are looking for helpers before and on the day, and donations of books and other saleable items for the various Village Stalls.

Finally, we hope that the lighter, longer evenings will enable and encourage you to come to our Open Meeting on FRIDAY 9th JUNE, which is also open to non-members (£2), including tea and biscuits.   We look forward to seeing you there.


    1. From our online records it would appear he was buried in plot 81 on 13th April 1843. Our website search facility does show the record. Hope this helps. Derek/Chairman


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