JULY 2017

Well, there’s no point in denying it, it’s irrefutable, don’t argue about it – Summer is here (at least it is in Marldon at the time of writing this Report).

Yes, I know it’s too hot, and it’s not good for the gardens, but let’s enjoy it whilst it’s here –  find a shady spot in the garden and take a cold drink and something to read whilst we have the chance!

Referring to “something to read” reminds me to tell you that our Group has been very fortunate recently to have donated to it a large quantity of books and guides of local interest, for which we are very grateful.   We are also lucky to now have sufficient space in our new Archive Store in the Village Hall in which to keep them with our existing and ever growing collection of books.   As you may know if you attend any of our Quarterly Open Meetings, we always have a large selection on display from which Members can borrow (without charge).

At our Quarterly Open Meeting on Friday 9th June, our audience of more than forty Members and non-members thoroughly enjoyed a well illustrated talk (with slides and film) by our Guest Speaker Colin Vosper, who entertained us with a very interesting and informative talk about the history of Canals in the West Country.    As an added bonus we were also shown photographs and a fascinating time-lapse film of the Panama Canal (as recently improved) and also a glimpse into the future, with another cross-continent canal being built across Nicaragua to connect the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.   This will be called the Grand Nicaragua Canal, and you can find more information about this massive project on the internet.   A little closer to home, the Tiverton Canal, originally part of the Grand Western Canal, looks to be an attractive day out, with horse-drawn barges and other attractions.

Also at our Open Meeting, details were given of the Group’s proposed visit to Kents Cavern on Tuesday 12th September.    If we can raise a party of a minimum of 20 people, we can have a private guided tour for £8 per person.

The visit is open to Members/spouses/friends. If you wish to join us we shall be taking names and payment at our next Open Meeting (and AGM) on Friday 8th September or please ring our Secretary Derek Hore (529859) or Tony Chidlow (521419).

Finally, we also spoke at the Meeting about the flyers which are delivered to all Members informing them of our forthcoming Open Meetings.   Most are delivered by hand to Members living in Marldon and Compton, and by post to those Members living outside Marldon and Compton.   A few are also sent by -email.    To try and cut down on costs, we are asking all Members, especially those who receive their flyers by post, if they would like their flyers sent to them by e-mail.   There is no obligation to do this of course, but if you would like to get your Open Meeting flyers by e-mail, please ring Derek or Tony on the above telephone numbers, or inform us at the AGM.   Many thanks – we look forward to hearing from you.   We also look forward to seeing you at the Apple Pie Fair – Saturday 29th July.

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