APRIL 2017

Our first Open Meeting of the year took place on Friday 10th March, and  our illustrated talk was one which a great many of our Members had been  looking forward to.    The subject was “Kents Cavern and the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark”, and our Guest Speaker was Nick Powe, whose family have been connected with Kents Cavern for five generations.

And what a success the evening was, with Nick’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the Cavern, its discovery, excavation and subsequent development into the attraction it is today, and, even more interestingly, its 400 million years of creation, as the Earth went through the many Ages of change to arrive at the world as we see it today.    Nick explained how Kents Cavern and its excavations and discoveries are known throughout the world, and are the reason for its status as a Global Geopark.  All of this was illustrated throughout the talk by a continuous slideshow of photographs, diagrams, charts and facts and figures, all shown to great effect via the Village Hall’s recently installed projector and full size screen.

Our audience was, to say the least, very impressed, and many complimentary remarks were made afterwards.     So much so that the Group is considering the possibility of an organised tour of the Cavern, to include a cream tea afterwards.   Members will be informed of the details as soon as they can be confirmed.

Tony – Chairman

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