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The South Devon Journal was a weekly, tabloid size,  newspaper which first appeared on 2nd November 1949.   It was the successor to The Torquay Directory and South Devon Journal, which itself was the successor (from 1853) to the The Torquay & Tor Directory and General Advertiser from 1839.   The South Devon Journal ceased publication in 1974, having changed its title from the edition dated 16th February 1973 to the South Devon Journal Times, and again on 4th January 1974 to the South Devon Times before ceasing publication with the edition dated 26th April 1974.    Throughout its life it recorded the (mostly rural) events of South Devon, reporting and photographing the Agricultural and other Shows, Carnivals, Fetes, and lesser village events and organisations, as well as the political and other business of the Town and Parish Councils of the smaller towns and the villages of South Devon.               

Because of the large number of reports and photographs relating to MARLDON in the South Devon Journal, and also because they are mostly in bound volumes (except for 1968/1974), it has not been possible to copy and reproduce these for the History Group’s Archive.   However it is hoped that this Index will give sufficient detail to enable those  interested to inspect the originals at Torquay Reference Library.


6th July – back page – Marldon Village Day Carnival Queen – Pat Cattell, Attendants Shirley Balkwell, Sheila Hatherleigh and Denise Goodall (age 5).Crowned by Mrs. E. Farrar

13th July – back page – Village Day Carnival Queen

27th July – back page (top left) – farming


15th February – page 6

3rd May – page 3 and page 6 – article & photographs

31st May – page 3 – Brockhurst – conversion of old cow house (Brockhurst)

28th June – cover – Pam Hele, Rose of Marldon (photo in archive).

6th September – cover – Palk family – Stantor Barton

also article re: Survey of rights of way

4th October – page 7 – Marldon WI production of “The Maid of Domremy” with L T LeMesurier & Doreen Pyman (photo not previously seen)

11th October – page 7 – Goss, Higher Compton Barton farm

25th October – cover – Restoration Compton Castle – photos inc. George Hill (described as Ipplepen Blacksmith)


3rd January – page 10 – South Devon Hunt at Smokey

14th March – cover – 2 photos

18th July – back page – Village Day Carnival


23rd January –  page 2.  Review of new book by Elizabeth Goudge – “White wings” (coll. of short stories).page 10 – report of annual area meeting of Devon Ass. of Parish Councils.    Ref. to Mrs. Brockhurst (top of middle column and bottom of third column.

30th January  –  page 9.  photo of Marldon WI Drama Group – “A Pottle of Brains” (play adapted from old English folk tale).  Photo (which we have) shows 8 ladies posing.

4th June  –  page 14.  Report of Marldon Parish Council meeting with regard to playgrounds.

6th July  –  back page.   2 photos of Marldon Carnival and Sports Day.  1 – children with cycles   2 – Princess Wendy Harvey, Pages Brian Passmore and Stafford Low.

6th August  –   page 6.   Full page article and photo re: “barber” Henry John Seaward of 6 Furzegood  (we have a copy).

1st October  –  back page  Photo of Elizabeth Goudge opening Michaelmas Fayre at Marldon.  Includes Vicar and 4 villagers.(not seen before).  (this is after she left Marldon).

5th November –  pages 8/9.   photo of Mr. Goss of Higher Farm, Compton, with cattle.

12th November –  page 3.  Photo of Mr & Mrs L.J. Goss of Higher Farm, Compton with shire horse “Princess”.

10th December  –  page 8.  Mr. L. Goss, Higher Farm, Compton at Totnes Show.

17th December  –   page 9.   photo of Marldon WI Drama Group, “The Farmers wife” by Eden Phillpotts (not previously seen).


18th March – page 9.  Photo Compton Castle.

17th June – page 10.   photo Church House Inn.

12th August – page 7. photo Gilbert family children (3)

back page (16).  photo pageant Compton Castle

14th October – page 8.  photo (not previously seen)  Marldon WI  Drama Group – “Sailor Beware” –      Marion Yates, Doreen Pyman, Eva Connett, Maureen Johnston, Hilary White,  Alison Le Mesurier.

11th Nov – page 9.  Photo Farmer LJ Goss, Higher Compton Farm with Show trophies.

16th Dec  – page 9.  Photo School Nativity play (not  previously seen)

23rd Dec  – page 8.  Photo Christmas evening of Marldon Social Club showing Sgt. L. Pepperell and his Japanese bride Sumia, and his parents.


17th March – page 8.  photo Farmyard at Compton Pool Farm showing buildings, hens, cart.  (not previously seen)

23rd June  – page 8.  photo Furzegood (from Moorview end)  (not previously seen). Photo requested for Peter Staddon of 16 Furzegood by Mrs. EM Watkins.

15th Sept – back page. Photo Marldon Village Players “A Short Story” – Daisy and Doreen Pyman, Mr & Mrs. C. Garbett, J. Heath, F. Harding.


Feb 2nd   –   back page.   Photo Marldon Players in Village Hall production of “Golden Harvest”, with Mrs. M S Yates, Mrs. J Quarendon, Mr. F Harding, Miss V Turner, Mr. C Garbet.  Not previously seen.


1st Jan – page 5.  Photo of 6 workman at Compton Castle (restoration)

16th April page 13.  photo Marldon Village Players “Winter Sunshine”.  Jim Phare, Meta Garbett, Freya Thomson, Sylvia Beedell.  Producer L Marlow Heath.

14th May – page 8.  Review of Book “English Country Houses” by A.F. Kersting & Ralph Dutton.  Pub. Batsford.  Aerial photo of front of Compton Castle.

20th Aug – page 5.  Photo Marldon Village Players “The Poltergeist”.  Christopher Garbett, Jim Phare, L Marlow(e) Heath, Freya Thom(p)son, Meta Garbett.

3rd Dec – back page.  Photo Marldon Village Players “Mother of Men” (no names)                  


18th Feb  – page 8.  Photo (in “Guess where?” feature) of Five Lanes, from junction of Vicarage Hill and old Ring Road, showing Singmore House (centre) and old Toll House (right) (not previously seen – copy now in archive).

25th Feb – front page 9 (full page/photos).  Farmer Goss, Higher Compton Farm.

– page 9.  “Guess where?” feature – full page (exc. photo). Quotes from letter from Mrs. B. (Beattie) Phare of 1 Furzegood, saying “The turnpike cottage is still in good condition.  The building opposite (i.e Singmore House)” was used a a boot-making shop, employing about 6 men, and the grandson is still living near this scene of a lovely part of Devon”.

– page 19. “Guess Where” feature continued.   Also small article below headed “Marldon building – an objection” (new building in Westerland Lane).

25th March – page 3.  full page plus photo about W.H. Bridgman of Tor Hill House (Ipplepen Road), age 80,  son of Robert Adam Bridgman, blacksmith at Compton.  Article about his 72 years (from age 8) in Marldon Church choir (photo singing in Church).  Says Compton Iron Works employed 6/7 men in its heyday.  Gave up business 4 years ago (i.e 1955) and property sold for use as grocers shop.    (not previously seen – copy now in Archive).

15th July – page 9.  photo, visit to Compton Castle by Staverton W.I, with Cmdr. Gilbert.

28th July  – front page.  photos and article, unveiling comm. plaque in Compton Castle – 376 yrs discovery of Newfoundland.


18th Jan – page 21.  Photo Marldon WI Panto “Sleeping Beauty” Mrs. K. Warn, Miss H. Wilson, Mrs W Wild, Mrs RA Jasper, Mrs. V Willicott.

15th March – page 6.  photo of “Tor View” Marldon.  Caption refers to problems with closing and demolition Orders now resolved with Totnes RDC.  Property sold to Mr. PFG Whitfield of Paignton and demolition Order revoked.  (NOTE)  This property now known as “Field House” Ipplepen Road, adjoining the gate entrance to Tor Field.

19th April – pages 12/13.  2 photos.  South Devon Pony Club trials at Stantor Barton farm of E Palk.

– also page 17.  photo of road through Compton showing Baptist Chapel on right.

26th April  – page 11.  Article re last weeks photo (see above), contd on p. 14.   Refers to Mrs. Edna Howe, 29 Furzegood.

2nd Aug – front page.  photo Totnes Show.  LJ Goss, Compton.

9th Aug – page 8.  photo Jackie Westaway (13) with horse Baby Cham at Bovey Tracey Horse Show.

11th Oct – front page. ER Goss, Compton Barton Farm at Bovey Tracey Show.

1962 – 1967  –  No volumes available for these years.

1968  – Very incomplete set – no items Marldon


22nd January – page 14, photo of table tennis tournament at Torbay Chalet showing Keith Baldwin, Norah Handford & Peter Phillips (all of Totnes).

11th June – page 9, advt. with photo for Castle Barton restaurant, Compton.

6th August – page 10, photo of villagers from Apple Pie Fair at Totnes Show.  8 villagers plus donkey & cart with Apple Pie.   No names.

3rd December – page 6 – photo of Compton Castle in “name the place” competition.


13th May – page 3 – full page article + 5 photos (copy in archive).

1971  –  No articles or photographs

1972 –  Examined editions for 5th January to 16th February, plus all of August.  No articles or photographs.

1973  –  Title changed to “South Devon Journal Times” from 16th February editon.   No articles or photographs in this year.

1974 –  Examined editions 4th January to 26th April.  Title changed to South Devon Times.


  1. I am wanting to find the issue of the South Devon Journal published soon after 1st November 1958 and reporting the end of passenger trains on the Ashburton branch. As a resident of Buckfastleigh at the time, I have memories of the SDJ reporting the closure. Any help would be appreciated. Yours – Eric Hayman


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