APRIL 2020

As our regular readers will know, our Quarterly Open Meetings are, in the appropriate months, the mainstay of our Reports in the Magazine and here on our Website. Our Secretary Derek is responsible for booking our Speakers, and does a splendid job, not withstanding that good Speakers are a vanishing breed , especially those who we have not seen before. Almost without exception, our Speaker and his subject are interesting and informative, sometimes humorous, and always well presented.

I’m sure you will be pleased to hear that Derek has booked our Speakers for the remainder of this year (2020), as well as Speakers for next year (2021), including Phil Badcott (who recently told us the story of “William of Orange and his Glorious Revolution of 1688 in South Devon”) and also Dr. Todd Gray, from Exeter University, who is always much in demand.

Unfortunately, this month, we cannot tell you about the talk scheduled for Friday 6th March, which would have been “Walking the Zambezi” and given by David Lemon, who would have been a new Speaker for us. This would have been a talk the like of which we have not had before, and I know that many Members were looking forward to it very much. The dreaded “c- word” has been the subject of much official and unofficial advice to individuals and organisations and groups (even as small as ours and others which regularly use the Village Hall), but in the end, with a few exceptions, leaving the decision to take such advice was left to the individual or group.


Taking into account that probably the majority of our Members fall within the “most at risk” group selected by the Government for “special advice” and that a large number of them are reluctant to come out after dark anyway, our Committee took the decision earlier in the week of the talk to cancel our Open Meeting scheduled for 6th March. We ensured that all of our Members were notified by various means , and our posters (which are on all the Village Notice Boards) had “Cancelled” stickers securely attached to them. Our Speaker David Lemon was contacted and understood and agreed with our decision. In the hope that everything will be back to normal in due course he has been re-booked. The Committee apologises for having to take this step, but we trust that you will agree that it is “better to be safe than sorry”.

Tony Chidlow .. Chairman

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