Welcome to our first monthly Report, not only of this New Year but of this new DECADE, and for those of you who did not see our December/January report, may we belatedly wish you a happy and healthy New Year.


Our last Open Meeting of 2019 (although the memory of it is fading fast) was our Christmas Evening on 6th December, and because that date was after the deadline for the Parish Magazine, I was unable to report on that Meeting. Suffice to say that it was a different type of presentation to most of our Meetings, in that our Speaker Angela White (who was new to us) gave us a relaxed and informative account, illustrated with many photographs and containing many humorous anecdotes, about her time spent in Australia, both from a “Christmas” as well as an everyday life point of view. We saw many of the lesser known places and events, including how Australians celebrate (if that’s not too meaningful a word for it!) their festive season . Perhaps the best way to describe it would be to imagine the complete opposite to the way we “Brits” celebrate Christmas, with all it’s “trappings” and customs!

The other point which came across very clearly in Angela’s presentation and photographs was, from a British viewpoint, the sheer size of the country, emphasised at times by the almost complete absence of people ! Not a bad thing you might think, and it would have it’s advantages, but, in certain locations it was like watching images of the “old West” of the USA – a dusty main street, lined with not a lot of mainly wooden buildings including a few shops providing the basic necessities. It really is, in parts, another world, and I’m sure a lot of us would be only too pleased to settle down in it. It was a different, enjoyable and very informative presentation.

Since our Christmas Meeting, we have of course been reminded on a daily basis of another aspect of life “down under” – the seemingly unstoppable tragedy of the terrible fires which have affected countless thousands of people who have lost, literally everything in what, to us, an unimaginable catastrophe. If only we could send them the seemingly non-stop rain which we seem to have had for these last weeks and months !

Also at our Christmas Meeting, in addition to the mince pies and mulled wine, we also had a welcome visit from Father Christmas, who gave a much appreciated helping hand with the Raffle.

Christmas Social Special Guest
Christmas Social Special Guest

“Looking forward” – which seems to be the politicians current favourite expression, you will find details of the talks for 2020 HERE, which our Secretary Derek has arranged for our delight to take us through until next Christmas (and beyond)! I will not repeat the details here, but suffice to say that three out of the four Speakers are new to us, and their subjects promise to be both different and entertaining. The Programme will be displayed on all the Village Notice Boards and other usual places as soon as it stops raining! If you would like a copy of the Programme delivered or e-mailed to you, please contact Derek or Tony via the ‘contact’ details on this website.

If you have not renewed your Membership since our AGM in September, you can still do so at any time. Membership is still only £5 per year, and includes free admission to all our Open Meetings and Talks (except Christmas) (coffee and biscuits included). Flyers for each Quarterly Meeting will be delivered, posted or e-mailed to you. New Members are always welcome. Please contact Derek (529859) or Tony (521419) for any information.

Tony Chidlow .. Chairman


  1. Where we live we haven’t had the fires but a bit of smoke from them for a few days, making it hard to breathe but then the rain came over 150mm of it so that was good we have had the heat too, but we have a great climate over all, love South East Queensland, but it never stops me from thinking about Marldon and Torbay and to some extent Cornwall where I was born. It’s great hat people put video clips on of Paignton etc and I can hear the Seagulls crying and the waves on the beach as well as seeing them, we would welcome a bit of snow here, but I can’t see it happening it hasn’t in all the years I have been here. I notice that Marldon has grown a lot since I was there. I’m amazed that the bus doesn’t go there any more, it used to go all the way to the Compton Castle gate now it only goes just below Furzegood and goes back to town doesn’t even go to Marldon Village. The old folk would find it hard if they needed to go to Paignton. Thanks for the News letter always happy to hear how things are there, can you please tell me if Margaret Whittle passed away, I saw something about a funeral and one of the Whittle’s names was mentioned I sort of felt it may have been Margaret Wife Of John, John and I went to School together he lives at 10 Furzegood haven’t had much contact for a while. Margaret used to be a Bell ringer for a while at Marldon Church. They don’t have internet. None of us are getting any younger. Kind regards George Davies.

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    1. Good day to you George .. I can confirm that Margaret Whittle has passed away as per this notice:

      WHITTLE Margaret Passed away peacefully, surrounded by her loving family, on Friday 25th October 2019 at Torbay Hospital, aged 76 years.
      Devoted wife to John.
      Loving mum to Marcus, Amanda, Julian and Louise.

      I have forwarded your message onto our Chairman Tony Chidlow for him to read and comment on.
      It is always good to hear from an ex-Marldonite and I am glad you follow our website.
      Best regards
      Derek .. Secretary/Treasurer.


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