APRIL 2019

First, a rare apology in respect of our Monthly Reports. The penultimate sentence in the second paragraph of last month’s Report contained an incorrect word, which, although it looked as if it might be correct, turned out not to be so! The offending word was “commutative”, which should have been “commemorative”, in a paragraph about the activities of the Marldon Millennium Group in the Millennium year. The writer cannot explain why the incorrect word was used, and at first doubted it’s very existence, having never heard of it before. However, our Editor and also our Secretary both informed me that there is in fact such a word (their computer spell checks are obviously better than mine!). However, and this is the end of the tale, the incorrect word has a very different meaning from the correct word which I should have typed ! Apologies again, especially to any readers who spotted it !

One thing I cannot get wrong (and that’s tempting fate!) is in telling you about our last Open Meeting on the 8th March. Our talk was titled “Smuggling in Devon – the Truth behind the Fiction”, and our Speaker was Robert Hesketh. I have said before (including at our AGM last September actually) that the standard of our Speakers and their chosen subjects has invariably been not only interesting and informative, but very well presented, and our talk on this occasion was no exception. Our audience heard all about the illegal trade in the smuggling of all manner of goods (especially the kind which came in barrels and bottles!) which took place along the North and South coastlines of Devon between c.1750 and c.1850. We heard of the characters who took part in this illegal but profitable trade and their methods of avoiding the Government’s efforts to stamp it out. Robert’s talk was illustrated by many of his own photographs of coves, beaches and buildings which we all know, and also contemporary pictures and paintings of the boats used in this romantic but illegal trade. Another of our memorable talks, which deserve larger audiences than we are unfortunately currently attracting.

Last month’s Report also gave details of our Open Meetings for the remainder of this year, and the next is on the 14th June and is about William, Prince of Orange, and his 1688 Glorious Revolution. This talk promises to contain much information of local interest, so please make a note on your Calendar or in your Diary. We look forward to seeing you.

Tony Chidlow .. Chairman

W of O statue

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