JUNE 2018


Well, this is what we have all been waiting for – no, not news of an agreement on Brexit, but Summer is here at last!  The grass has been cut for the first time (and not only on Tor Field, although the dog-walkers are very pleased for that!), and the plants we thought had not survived the snow are beginning to show green shoots. Just don’t start saying it’s too hot!

As regular readers, and our audiences at our Open Meetings will know, our Group is well aware (and rightly concerned) of falling Membership numbers, not only in the History Group but in other Groups in the Parish whose members are, shall we say, of a certain age.    In the last few years Groups which had been established for many years have closed because their numbers have declined to the point where carrying on is just not feasible.   The History Group is happily not in that position (yet), but we have been reminded of it by the passing away in the last few weeks of four of our long-standing Members – Audrey Turner, “Winnie” Staddon, Joan Ewing and Peter Ward.   All were typical of a disappearing generation who had been staunch supporters of the History Group since it’s formation and the donors of much material for the Group‘s Archive.   They were also participants and supporters of other Village organisations and events for most of their years in Marldon, which in some cases was their lifetime.  As I said in a piece in the Parish Magazine early last year, most small rural villages had a “core” of individuals, both men and women, who could be relied upon to be involved in, organise and support the many social activities which formed the calendar of village life and helped to create a true community spirit.  Our former Members named above were part of that, and will be remembered as such.

And now for something a little less serious – a reminder of our next Open Meeting, which is on FRIDAY 8th JUNE .   Our Speaker will be Paul Rendell, whose “specialist” subject is Dartmoor, and who has spoken to us previously about various aspects of the Moor.  His talks are always interesting and informative, and his latest talk looks to be no exception. “War Horse” is the title and is the story of the making of the film by Steven Spielberg, based on the book by Michael Murpurgo and filmed on locations on Dartmoor. As always, our Open Meetings are open to all – Members (free) and non-Members (admission only £2), coffee and biscuits included.


We shall also have a display of old photos and other memorabilia called “Remembering Torbay Chalet Hotel”.   Do I hear you saying “Torbay what”?    Well, it is 20 years this year since one of South Devon’s best known “holiday camps”, the Torbay Chalet Hotel on the (old) Ring Road at Marldon closed its doors prior to its residential redevelopment which we now know as “Brockhurst Park”.  torbay-chalet-hotel-marldon4 We are sure that a good proportion of Marldon’s present residents have joined us in the last 20 years, and may not be aware of what was there before the houses!  We shall be showing its pre-war beginnings and its heyday years from the 1950’s onwards, when, with several other “holiday camps” in the Torbay area, millions came to enjoy their annual holidays in beautiful Devon in such establishments.   For Members there will also be our usual display of books of local interest to borrow, free of charge.

Look out for our Posters on the Village Notice Boards (and a few other prominent locations!), whilst Members will have a flyer delivered or sent to them by e-mail.

If you are a Member and would like your flyer sent to you by e-mail prior to each Open Meeting, please e-mail our Secretary Derek Hore: secretary_mlhg@btinternet.com with “FLYER” in your e-mail heading,  and you will be added to our list.

The Open Meeting will be on FRIDAY 8th JUNE, 7:30 pm in the Village Hall, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Tony Chidlow .. Chairman


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