To those readers of the Magazine who are kind enough to read our Group’s Report on a regular basis, I must apologise if much of this month’s Report sounds familiar.  This is because it is, and the reason (as explained) is to do with the timing of our quarterly Open Meetings, the issue date of the Magazine and (for this month only), the date of the Apple Pie Fair.

Despite the weather, the Fair was not the complete washout it might have been, thanks to the efforts of all involved.   The History Group’s involvement fortunately took place in the Main Hall of the Village Hall, and our display showing the history of the Fair and the very large number of  photographs of past Fairs, many of which had not been on display before (such is the quantity of our archive of Apple Pie Fair material), attracted much interest throughout the afternoon.   We were also able to show, for a large part of the afternoon, the Group’s DVD “The Story of Marldon” which runs for about an hour.  Unavoidably, it was shown without the sound, whilst the Marldon Organ Group provided a very professional easy listening background performance for the seekers of refreshments.   There was also an unexpected bonus as the “Old Gaffers Shanty Crew”, amused and entertained with a very rousing and much enjoyed half-hour of their “sea shanty” songs.

We were very pleased with the success of the Group’s Stand in the Hall, and the interest it attracted, and the resulting sales of several of our DVDs and our little booklet “Marldon at War”.    Both are available from our Post Office, price £5 and £1.50 respectively, or from our Secretary Derek (529859) or Tony (521419), and will also be available at our next Open Meeting, which is also our AGM.

And, speaking of our next Open Meeting, this is on FRIDAY 8th SEPTEMBER, and is also our AGM.   Our Guest Speaker will be Paul Rendell, who is an authority on all things Dartmoor, and his illustrated talk will be all about the Witches, devils, hairy hands and wild animals that are both legends and folklore on the mysterious place which is Dartmoor.   “Hairy hands, Devils & Black Dogs” is the title, and if you are walking home after the Meeting it may be best if you brought a friend!    Paul has spoken to us before, and his talks are always interesting and informative.   As usual, the Meeting starts at 7.30 pm, Members free, non-Members £2 – coffee and biscuits included !  We look forward to seeing you !

As you will know, the AGM part of the evening is when you will be able to renew your Membership (or to join us if you are not a Member).   The annual subscription is still only £5 and entitles you to free entry to our Quarterly Meetings (except our Christmas Social Evening, for which there is a small charge).   The free coffee and biscuits alone are worth the subscription!    And as it’s the AGM, may I say on behalf of our Committee, that we greatly appreciate your continued Membership and support.  We are always looking for new Members, and a few new faces on our Committee would not go amiss either !     If you need a little encouragement, I can confirm that our programme of Speakers for next year – 2018 – has already been arranged, and again contains subjects which we have not had before.  

This also seem a good time to remind you about our proposed visit to Kents Cavern, which was mentioned at our last Meeting in June, and also in last month’s Report.   This was suggested after the very successful illustrated talk at our March meeting about “Kents Cavern and the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark”.    If we can raise a party of at least 20 people, we will be able to have a private guided tour of the Cavern for £8 per person.   The visit has been provisionally arranged for Tuesday 12th September at 2.00 pm.    We will be taking names (and payment) at the AGM, but if you wish to book early, you can ring either our Secretary Derek (529859) or Tony (521419) to do so, and for more details.  I would also mention that the visit will be open to all – ie Members, non-Members, spouses and friends.   Once again, we look forward to seeing you .

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