Glaze Gate Boundary
The Glaze Gate Cross Millennium Boundary Marker (S’ly)

The tradition of ‘beating the bounds’ was revived in Marldon by the Marldon Millennium Group for the Millennium year 2000. The route taken to ‘beat the bounds’ of Marldon Parish was devised by members of the Group and the walk was held each year up to, and including, 2005. The walks were held on the May Bank Holiday nearest to Ascension Day, so as to be as close as possible to the traditional time.

In devising the route, it soon became obvious that it would be impossible to walk the exact boundaries given that some of the boundaries run along privately owned fields. A route was therefore devised which (a) kept as close, and always within sight, of the actual boundary (b) avoided busy roads close to the actual boundary, and (c) include some of the Parish’s public footpaths, bridleways and unclassified roads where it was appropriate to do so.

New marker stones and commemorative plaques were erected on, or near to, the geographical extremities of the Parish – at the bottom of Windmill Lane, Glazegate Cross, the Old Ring Road and Marldon Lane near  Aptor. Commemorative Certificates were given to all who took part in the Millennium walk, and those who took part in the walk in 2002, the year of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

The route is well worth walking, either completely or in part, and is just under 10 miles long. It takes the walker through some less familiar parts of the Parish and opens up many wonderful views and a chance to see wild flowers, hedgerows and other aspects of the countryside.

Please Note:- Walkers who choose to use the route shown below should do so in conjunction with an appropriate Ordnance Survey map.

Start at the Village Hall

Love Lane (opposite Village Hall) – Love Lane Cross – ahead to  Stantor Hill Lane – right along Old Ring Road –  Parish Boundary (Easterly Marker) – Five Lanes Roundabout – Vicarage Road (to Cox’s Garage)

Cross road to Footpath 17 (adjacent Brockhurst Park) to Leader Lane – left down Leader Lane – right to junction at Totnes Road

Left along Totnes Road – left to Beacon Hill using Footpath 19 – Footpath 12 (Torbay) to Buttshill Cross – Blagdon Cross – right to Barton Pines – Glazegate Cross and ahead to Parish Boundary (Southerly Marker).

Continue to Hangmans Cross – ahead to Afton Bridge  (There is an option here to visit Berry Pomeroy Castle for refreshment/toilets)

Afton Bridge – right along Loventor Lane (Berry Pomeroy Parish) – continue until junction with Smallwell Lane – left along Smallwell Lane – right at junction with Marldon Lane Parish Boundary (Westerly Marker) – left at junction with Aptor Lane (steep up) – at Ipplepen Road, left to Windthorn Cross

Right into Windthorn Lane (steep – down) – Compton Pool Cross (Tuckers Hay)

Compton Pool Cross – take the road opposite towards Bickley Mill Cross, take first turning right towards North Whilborough – right into Windmill Lane and to Parish Boundary  (Northerly Marker) – Windmill Lane – right along Moles Lane – Otter Nurseries (was Style Park Gardens).

Otter Nurseries (was Style Park Gardens) was where the Marldon walkers finished their Beating the Bounds but the final link back to the centre of Marldon village (and the start of the walk) may be undertaken via Compton if required.