Upper Churchyard

Index of Burials in Marldon Churchyard (Upper Churchyard)

This is the index of the burials in the Upper Churchyard of the Church of St John the Baptist, Marldon. The index of graves is listed by first and last name and burial year and where possible linked names. The row and reference index gives their relative position within the Churchyard. A map of the index area is available in the Church. This index of the Churchyard  is part of a survey of the graves done as an educational project a few years ago and is now an ongoing project for Marldon Local History Group. This lower area of the St John the Baptist Churchyard contains many of the older graves within the Churchyard, and as such many of the inscriptions are illegible. The inscriptions for all areas are listed on the Grave Stone Inscriptions Page, accessible from the Menu bar above. The History Group is pleased to hear from anyone who may have further information about anyone listed in the index, particularly if it could help with the interpretation of the inscriptions. Contact may be made by email from our Contacts page.

The Database is searchable globally.

Area Row Ref First Name Last Name Linked Names Age Month Date Year Reset
Upper Churchyard 1 1 Neck Junior Neck Senior, Miss D. C. Neck 1
Upper Churchyard 1 2 D.C. Neck Neck Senior, Neck Junior 2
Upper Churchyard 1 2 Neck (Senior) Miss. D. C. Neck, Neck Junior 3
Upper Churchyard 1 3 William Godfrey Hill 71 December 10th 1925 4
Upper Churchyard 1 4 Eliza Youlden Joseph Youlden 66 October 13th 1917 5
Upper Churchyard 1 4 Joseph Youlden Eliza Youlden 69 November 11th 1917 6
Upper Churchyard 1 5 Knapman (Babies) 7
Upper Churchyard 1 6 Emma Sophie Durant 8
Upper Churchyard 1 7 Jane Crutch William 65 April 2nd 1915 9
Upper Churchyard 1 7 William Crutch Jane 88 November 18th 1916 10
Area Row Ref First Name Last Name Linked Names Age Month Date Year Reset
Upper Churchyard 1 8 Mary Hext Richard Hext 73 February 9th 1914 11
Upper Churchyard 1 9 Walter Hallett Ada Elizabeth 55 March 16th 1909 12
Upper Churchyard 1 9 Ada Elizabeth Hallett Walter 57 August 30th 1920 13
Upper Churchyard 1 10 Percy B.E. Holberton E.H. Holberton, Francis Mary 50 August 1st 1907 14
Upper Churchyard 1 10 Francis Mary Holberton E.H. Holberton, Percy B. E, Holberton 87 November 26th 1946 15
Upper Churchyard 1 11 Thomas Galbraith Janet Kerr 87 February 17th 1914 16
Upper Churchyard 1 12 Osborne 17
Upper Churchyard 1 13 William Watts Olief Ball 44 June 16th 1917 18
Upper Churchyard 1 13 Olief Ball William Watts 86 August 11th 1969 19
Upper Churchyard 1 14 Williams 20
Area Row Ref First Name Last Name Linked Names Age Month Date Year Reset
Upper Churchyard 1 15 z No Details z 21
Upper Churchyard 1 16 z No Details z 22
Upper Churchyard 1 17 z No Details z 23
Upper Churchyard 1 18 Norrish 24
Upper Churchyard 1 19 Binmore 25
Upper Churchyard 1 20 Bulley 26
Upper Churchyard 1 21 Louisa Bond Ernest Alfred Bond 58 March 17th 1924 27
Upper Churchyard 1 21 Ernest Alfred Bond Louisa 91 October 19th 1953 28
Upper Churchyard 1 22 Anne Peeke November 9th 1924 29
Upper Churchyard 1 22 Bessie Peeke February 194* 30


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