Welcome to another “end of year” article to remind us (if we needed reminding) of how not only the years but now the decades of this “no longer new” Millennium are slipping by (or is it “rolling on“?). When the politicians used to say “By 2020 or 2030 or even 2050 we shall ………….”, we used to think “yeah, whatever” while subconsciously thinking “that won’t bother me then”. Yet here we are, slipping into the second decade of this “new” Millennium, and perhaps realising that we’re halfway there already! Somebody (probably Boris Johnson) once said “tempus fugit”, and he was right !

In this month’s Parish Magazine there are tributes and memories of Helen Neil, well known and regarded for her work for the Church and in Village life. Helen passed away last month, and was a founder Member of our Group, having joined at the inaugural Meeting of the Group in September 2001. At the end of each year, some national newspapers and magazines publish lists of prominent, well known people who have passed away during the year. Helen will not be on any of those lists. But if Marldon had a newspaper and published such a list, then Helen would be at or near the top. As our website is the nearest we have to a newspaper, this is the proper place to remember and be reminded of her.

Our next Open Meeting is our Christmas Evening, which is on FRIDAY 6TH DECEMBER and, as last year, the Meeting will be open to all, Members and their spouses, guests and non-members. There will of course be mince pies and mulled wine, and a Grand Raffle.
Admission is only £2 PAYABLE ON THE DOOR ON THE NIGHT. Members will by now have received our usual flyer (by the method of your choice (e-mail, post or delivery (within the Village). WE VERY MUCH HOPE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO JOIN US, AND LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU – 7.30 IN THE VILLAGE HALL. Our Guest Speaker will be Angela White, who is new to us, and will be giving us an illustrated and amusing festive talk about Christmas preparations “down under”.

Christmas Social Special Guest
Christmas Social Special Guest

Finally, as this is my last article of the last year of this decade, on behalf of our Committee may I thank all of our Members (and non-members who attended our Meetings) for their support through attending our Quarterly Open Meetings, and those who have donated material to our Archive, and wish them all, and all the Readers of this Magazine, a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful, healthy and safe New Year. We look forward to your continued support, and to seeing you soon.

Tony Chidlow .. Chairman


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  1. Thanks for the news letter Tony it’s lovely to hear how thing are going in Marldon, Interesting you are having a guest speaker to talk about Christmas “down Under”, I would love to experience a Christmas back the in the UK again but It’s too far for me now. Our Christmases are mostly hot and sunny sometimes sticky as well, the days are not too bad a present nights are around 20-22c that’s okay without the humidity. We are meeting most of our family on the 21st December in a park, it is hard to get them all together we are about 37 in the family now and growing and that is only my side of the family both of my sisters have family’s as well. Trust you have a great Christmas Tony, Merry Christmas to the Marldon People, I will never forget them so many great people, And some in Compton Also we had contact with The Rouse Family I remember the two girls Sylvia and Margaret went to school with them I remember John Wills and of course the Cundy Family. I often wonder where they all are today, I remember the lady that ran the post office in Marldon Village near the old School and of Course Mr Harris the School Headmaster there a was another lady teacher A Carol someone. And all the ones in Furzegood some are still living there John Whittle he lives in Number Ten number may have changed. Bye Tony I ramble on.

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